Coming Up in July:

All of this information is likely readily available in several, much more reputable places (like, say, HERE), but here I am dodging work on Canada Day and wanting to post something!  So for your elucidation, here’s what I’ve found so far that’s on, theatre-wise, in the capitol for July:

-Starting off, the mad folks in A Company of Fools are starting up their Shakespeare in the Park goodness, this time with A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM starting the 2nd and lasting all month long, touring various parks around the city.  It’s pay what you can, and they’re a jolly good time, so off you go!  Next!

-Mighty mighty Alan Shain has a new show, TIME TO PUT MY SOCKS ON, playing at too-short run in the GCTC Studio from the 8th-10th.  It’s $15, and as Alan Shain is awesome, we’ll all be there, so it’ll be good to see you.  Right?

-The Downtown Rideau group/klatch/whatever-it-is has their SUMMER FLING series kicking off, and there’s a couple plays for us in that.  Arts Court Theatre is holding EDUCATING RITA from the 14th to Aug 1st.  Directed by Kate Hurman of last year’s SEXY LAUNDRY, starring Sarah McVie and John Koensgen (who I just saw in HEROES, yay!).

-Still in the Fling, Ottawa Little Theatre is putting on Christie’s MURDER ON THE NILE from the 20th-31st.  And sure, they make you stand for the national anthem, but just accept it as the quaint tradition it is, eh?  Both those shows are, I think, about$25.

-And the Salamander Shakespeare Co. wil be mounting their ROMEO AND JULIET at the NAC’s 4th Stage from the 27th to the 30th, $15, so it’s a steal.  And I pesonally have never been to the 4th stage, so I think I definitely may check’er out.  Epecially since I passed on R&J at the Fringe this year.

-Improv?  Yeah, people like themselves some improv.  The Crush Improv team, led by their King Al Connors, will be working Arts Court Studio on Tuesdays starting July 20th  and 27th for MY SUMMER CRUSH  IMPROV, and only $12!  The shows will continue into August, though I don’t think uninterrupted.   One month at a time, folks.

-Oh, and for those of you in their area (or in posession of one of those new-fangled horseless carriges I’ve heard about), there’s still a couple days to try and catch THE AMOROUS AMBASSADOR at the Upper Canada Playhouse in Morrisburg, and see Nancy Kenny bein’ what I asume is all sorts of funny.  After that show finishes up on the 4th, next up is Norm Foster’s THE LONG WEEKEND starting the 8th and running til Aug 1st.  Shows around $30, or a little more if you get the awesome-sounding ‘country supper’ package.  Now I’m hungry again.

-And if you’re really up for a road trip..?  The TORONTO FRINGE is on now, too.  Just saying.

That’s all I’ve got…if anybody spots something else going on, dropkick me a wake-up call and let me know.  And go out and see something, willya?  Your pal,

The Visitor

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