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Coming Up in January 2018

In Theatre on January 6, 2018 at 6:56 pm

And now for something completely different/less problematic/more like what I always used to do! All the Theatre you need to see (and more, or maybe less, I dunno) coming this January!  **UPDATED Jan 10 – added Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro **

ALICE IN WINTERLAND at the Gladstone. One day left for this bit of winter fun! Ends on the 7th (sorry this is late, I’m a bit rusty).


MR SHI AND HIS LOVER at the National Arts Centre Studio. Music and theatre combine in this hotly anticipated arrival to the big room. Plays the 3rd to 13th!

Getting to room Temp


GETTING TO ROOM TEMPERATURE at the Gladstone. Back from a hot run at Undercurrents, Arthur Milner’s tragicomic wonder starring Robert Bockstael is a sure thing. From the 8th to 13th.


AN INSPECTOR CALLS at Ottawa Little Theatre.  A slapstick live-action cartoon escapade (I’m assuming it’s Inspector Gadget who’s calling).  From the 10th to 27th.


LEGALLY BLONDE at Academic Hall, from the University of Ottawa Musical Theatre Society.  Mostly sold out, but if you hurry you can still nab a ticket to this toe-tapper, based on the classic movie GREMLINS (I think). The 10th to 14th.

887 at the National Arts Centre Theatre, from Ex Machina. Robert LePage returns with a tale of memory, childhood, and some amazing theatre. From the 10th to 27th.


MAD MARGARET (staged reading) at Arts Court Courtroom, from Counterpoint Players.  Part of the TACTICS workshop series, a reading of a new Shakespeare-inspired play about  one of his unsung heroines! On the 14th only.


Alexis Scott in GROUNDED (photo by Andrew Alexander)

GROUNDED at the Gladstone Theatre, from Bear & Co. A one-woman show starring the mighty Miss Alexis Scott (OTS represent!) is a show ya can’t miss. I said it! From the 18th to 27th.

TRANS-SCRIPT at the Gladstone, from Faith and Arts Ottawa. An original play based on transgender experiences, for two nights only!  The 21st and 22nd.

TWELFTH NIGHT at the Kailash Mital Theare (Carleton Campus), from Sock’n’Buskin. One of Willy Shakes’ finest and funniest gets the Socky treatment. From the 18th-29th, and 25th to 27th.

Young wife.jpg

WHAT A YOUNG WIFE OUGHT TO KNOW at the GCTC. From Hannah Moscovitch…what else do YOU need to know? Go! From the 16th to February 4th.

MOZART’S THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO at St.Brigid’s Centre for the Arts, from UOttawa. Yeah, we still got opera in Ottawa! LEt’s keep it that way and fill the seats on this gooder. From the 25th to 27th.

A PROMISE IS A PROMISE at the Nepean Creative Arts Centre (the 26th), the School of Dance (the 27th) and Shenkman Arts Centre (the 28th), from Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre. Family friendly fun from some masters, in a show based on the work of Robert Munsch and Inuit Storyteller Michael Kusugak!

LE DIRE DE DI at the NAC Studio, from Theatre la Catapulte et Theatre Francais de Toronto. Directed by the great Joel Beddows! The 31st to February 3rd.

Plus of course, there will be shows popping up from lots of local stalwarts like Crush Improv, Ottawa Storytellers, GRIMprov, the Improv Embassy, Outtake Improv and more, not to mention the usual bits of fun at Live! on Elgin. And if you feel like travelling, there’s also the NEXT STAGE FESTIVAL in Toronto and the WILDSIDE FESTIVAL in Montreal this month! Pretty sweet!

And why this sudden return to promoting upcoming theatre after so much time away? Well, this one is unreservedly self-serving gang, I have to admit, on account of…



KILLER JOE at the Carleton Tavern, from Chamber Theatre Hintonburg. Hoowee! Yes, at the end of this month I get the privilege of making my return to the Carleton ‘stage’ with the most exciting theatre company in town. You heard me! I will speak more of this dark southern-gothic event in an upcoming post, but for now just be forewarned that the real trailer park boys and girls are coming your way from the 31st thru February 19th. Get your tickets now!

Updates as I find stuff I’ve missed! Drop me a line on Facebook or Twitter (links around here…somewhere) if you spot something that oughtta be here. Peace, love, soul, and fuck Albert Shultz (almost made it),

Kevin Reid

Coming next month…Clean House!  Othello! More Killer Joe! UNDERCURRENTS! And much more.  Be there!

Coming Up in February 2014

In Theatre on February 1, 2014 at 8:45 pm

Yay, it’s February!!  Why am I yay-ing?  Because read this list, that’s why.


RUMORS at the Ottawa Little Theatre.  One last day to catch some Simon-tastic fun at the OLT.  Ends the 1st.

POP FICTION at Arts Court Studio, from Groupe des Deux.  Also ending on the 1st. Run!  There are aliens!!

KIM’S CONVENIENCE at the NAC Theatre, from Soulpepper Theatre.  Smash hit, great fun, good times.  Go while you can!  Until the 8th.

SUBWAY STATIONS OF THE CROSS by Ins Choi, at St.Alban’s Church (454 King Edward). If you liked Kim’s Convenience (and you did), catch star and writer Choi in his one-man spoken word show, one night only on Sunday the 2nd!

THIS IS WAR at the Irving Greenberg Theatre (GCTC).  Hannah Moscovitch’s war drama hits the capitol, and it’s gonna be a gooder. Directed by GCTC AD Eric Coates!  From the 4th to 23rd.

PERFECT WEDDING at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, from Kanata Theatre. From the 4th to 15th.

Off the Cuff

OFF THE CUFF at Club SAW, from Red.Collective.  The 6th to 9th.  Evenings of drink, variety and merriment courtesy of the Reddies!  Every evening features a full lineup of performers, including Jonah Allingham, Tony Adams, Brefney Caribou, Chany Singh, and a new production of Kara Crabb’s ‘The Stillbirth’ starring Noa Nussbaum and Mike Showler, directed by Norah Paton!

LES MISERABLES at Code’s Mill on the Park (Perth), from Orion Theatre Company.  6th to 16th.  Admit it, you KNOW you want to go to Perth to see a musical.  Now’s your chance!

Empire of Dirt
EMPIRE OF DIRT at the Avalon Studio, from New Ottawa Repertory Theatre (NORT). Cool sounding drama about family and addiction, just the thing to chase away those winter blahs. The 7th to 16th.

Age of Arousal2
AGE OF AROUSAL at the Gladstone Theatre, from Bear and Company.  Some steamy goodness from the Gladstone gang.  From the 7th to 22nd.
SEVEN STORIES at Algonquin College.  The Gonq’s kick off their 2014 season with this awesome bit of Panych.  Can’t wait!  From the 12th to 16th.

THE IRISH CURSE at Arts Court Theatre, from TotoToo Theatre.  Irish shenanigans abound at Arts Court! From the 12th to 15th.

THE FLYING CANOE at Shenkman Arts Centre, from Rag and Bone.  Puppet goodness for the kids, and you too. The 16th and 17th.

DIB AND DOB AND THE JOURNEY HOME at the NAC Fourth Stage, from Roseneath Theatre.  Twins try and find their way home in this celebrated piece of children’s theatre.  The 17th and 22nd only.

ENRON at the NAC Studio.  A theatrical expose of everyone’s favourite corporate bad guys. From the 17th to March 1st.

HALF LIFE at the Ottawa Little Theatre. Multigenerational romance from the Little Theatre gang.  From the 18th to March 8th.

UNDERBELLY at the Gladstone, from Black Sheep Theatre and Stars and Hearts. Jayson McDonald!  All you need to know, now go see it!!  okay, it’s a one-man head-spinner about William Burroughs and the beats, and it’s AWESOME.  The 26th to March 8th.


TROIS (three) at Arts Court Studio.  This is the big one!  An event so huge it took three companies and two languages to properly express itself!  Running from the 27th to March 1st, TROIS features not only affordable drinks, but WHAT ABOUT HORSES? a brand new piece from Cory and Tony at May Can Theatre, as well as the strapping Grimprov lads in START START ENERGY OFFICERS!  And Dead Unicorn Ink team up with some of the survivors of the Ottawa Theatre School (myself included, not to mention the legend herself, Bobby Roberts) for ACCEPTABLE APPEARANCE THEORY from Victoria Luloff and Patrice Forbes.  It’s gonna be a swell time out, folks, and I’ll be bugging you about this one a bit more in the days to come. 🙂

OCCUPY ME at Rama Lotus, from Counterpoint Players.  Sarah Lotus blossom returns for one night only, the 28th!


Yes, it’s time for the fourth installment of the lil festival that makes February worthwhile!  Come get in on the fun from the 11th through 23rd!  Featuring…

RiderGirl 2
RIDERGIRL, starring Colleen Sutton as the ultimate CFL underdog heroine.  See the show that won the Grey Cup (pretty much…)!

BROKEN, a found object adventure from Yukon’s Ramshackle Theatre.

A Quiet Sip of Coffee 3

A QUIET SIP OF COFFEE (or This is not the Play we’ve Written), a true-life tale of fundamentalism gone wrong from Animal Parts.

CISEAUX, Undercurrents’ first ever French entry from Theatre Rouge Ecarlate!

THE TASHME PROJECT, verbatim goodness from Matt Miwa and Julie Tamiko Manning!

Morro and Jasp 3
MORRO AND JASP DO PUBERTY, which has Morro and Jasp in it so you’re seeing it and that’s that.

CAN WE TALK? From the STO union and a telephone in the lobby.  Keep yer eyes peeled.

All this plus a cool PITCH PARTY hosted by a company of Fools on the 19th for new ideas to find interested ears, a rocking opening week party on the first Saturday after the final show lets out, and REVISED FROM THE BELLY OF A WHALE, a live reunion and concert on the 21st looking back on the show that nearly got the better of Emily Pearlman and Nick DiGaetano!


CONFIDENCES TROP INTIMES from Theatre de L’Ile.  Playing all month long!

PROJET PUPITRE at the NAC Studio.  Cool theatre for young folks, the 1st and 2nd only.

CARTE BLANCHE at Espace Rene-Prevost.  Another cool mixed bag of art and theatre, from the 6th to 8th.

L’HOMME ATLANTIQUE (ET LA MALADIE DE LA MORT) at the NAC Theatre.  A theatrical movie experience, from the 19th to 22nd.

FILLE D’ARGILE at l’Ecole de la Salle, from Theatre la Catapulte.  One showing only (ater a school series) on the 22nd.

LAPIN BLANC, LAPIN ROUGE at l’Ecole de la Salle, from Hotel-Motel and Orange Noyee.  Nassim Soleimanpour’s groundbreaking script (that rocked Ottawa last year in English) gets a Franco-translation!  From the 25th to March 1st.

                                              – IMPROV

Crush Improv hosts BOUT TIME at the Heart and Crown in the market(Mother McGunitey stage) on Monday the 3rd; following the show of Age of Arousal on the 14th, the gang will perform their VALENTINE’S CRUSH, an improvised recreation of the play.  AL Connors will be leading an improv workshop in the Centrepointe studio on the 13th, and on the 22nd Crush will host it’s regular SPOTLIGHT ON… show, also at Centrepointe, this time featuring city councillor Katherine Hobbs!

GRIMprov first and last Wednesday of every month at the Cock and Lion!  And don’t miss them in TROIS (THREE) at Arts Court the 27th to March 1st!

Crystal Basement at the Atomic Rooster on the last Tuesday of every month!

All this plus CRACKING UP THE CAPITOL, WINTERLUDE, the FACE 2 FACE dance series…the universe is giving us plenty of good reasons to weather the cold, kids.  Oh, and if you’re in PEI for some reason (they have a bridge now, I hear), you could always check out my mate Benton and his comedy pals making with the Valentine’s merry!

Look of Love

Yes, he’s good old OTS alumni with me (and we’re all over this month, as always…TROIS, IRISH CURSE, RIDERGIRL, THIS IS WAR, POP FICTION, there’s no stopping us!  So no excuses now, everyone get your snow boots on and head on out for at LEAST a dozen pieces of theatre this month.  I double dog dare ya.  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid, the Visitor (and Winston)

Coming Up in November 2012

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THIS is the month, folks.  If you don’t do at least six cool things this month, you should probably shout harder for help, as you’re almost certainly trapped under something heavy and need assistance.  Are you ready for it?  Here we go…

GLACE BAY MINERS’ MUSEUM at the National Arts Center, until the 3rd.  Last chance to see the Canuck classic, beautiful set and all.
THE DEATH OF DRACULA at the Gladstone Theatre, from Phoenix Players.  Until the 3rd, vampire fun from the good eggs at Phoenix!

JULIUS CAESER at Centrepointe Studio, from the Ottawa Shakespeare Company.  Also until the 3rd, see what some of the biggest buzz in Ottawa theatre is all about!

YOU NEVER CAN TELL at Elmwood School Theatre, from Linden House.  And still until the 3rd, terrific GB Shaw piece with wee Jenny David knockin’em dead.

IF WE WERE BIRDS at Academic Hall, from the Ottawa U Drama Guild.  Still again until the 3rd, probably the starkest piece of theatre O-town’s gonna see this year.  Daring stuff from the guildsters!

THE HOLLOW at Ottawa Little Theatre.  Until the 10th, Agatha Christie done fun.

FLY ME TO THE MOON at the Irving Greenberg Theatre, from the Great Canadian Theatre Company.  From the 1st thru 18th, the dynamic duo of Margo MacDonald and Mary Ellis get the John P.Kelly treatment, and the result is a must-see.

AGNES OF GOD at the Irving Greenberg Studio, from 9th Hour.  Playing from the 1st to the 10th, rising stars 9th Hour have been putting out good shows, and I doubt they’re stopping now.

KASPAR HAUSER at Old City Hall, from Anthropos Theatre.  Glen Williamson’s one-an show comes for one night only, on the 2nd.  I caught his FAUST, and the dude knows his storytelling.

CINDERELLA at Arts Court Theatre, from Opera Lyra.  An abridged, family-friendly operatic version of the classic tale, on the 3rd, 4th and 9th!

THIRSTY at the National Arts Centre Studio.  From the 5th to the 17th, and featuring the great Andrew Moodie, Jackie Richardson and more!

MARY’S WEDDING at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, from Kanata Theatre.  From the 6th to 17th, a cool sounding show set on the eve of WWI.

WHERE POPPIES BLOW from Salamander Theatre. Publicc performances of this special show at Beechwood National Memorial Centre on the 7th, then at the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama on the 10th, then touring schools across the reegion.  Don’t miss out!

PADRE X at the Canadian War Museum, from Looking Glass Productions.  Playing the 8th (7:30), 10th (1:30 and 7:30) and 11th (1:30), the award-winning one-man Fringe drama from Marc Moir returns!

THE EUMENIDES from Ottawa Theatre School, at the OSSD.  From the 12th to 24th, the first show from this years graduating class of OTS gangsters hits the stage, and I can’t wait!

TONGUE AND GROOVE at Collected Works Bookstore, from Chamber Theatre.  From the 21st to Dec 1st, exciting new stuff from Chamber, in a cool new venue!

NOVEMBER at the Gladstone Theatre, from SevenThirty Productions.  Starting on the 21st thru next month…John P.Kelly is back already, and he’s bringing Todd Duckworth as the president along!

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE at the National Arts Centre Theatre.  Starting on the 21st…Alix Sideris is back, Alix Sideris is back!!  Yay!!

FOOTLOOSE at Centrepointe Theatre, from Orpheus Musical Society.  From the 23rd thru Dec 2nd…it’s a musical about Footloose!  That’s all I know!

DAVID’S REDHAIRED DEATH at the Vanier Community Centre, from Suspension Theatre.  From the 27th to Dec 1st at 8pm (plus 2pm matinee on the 1st), ginger fun from some raucous newcomers!

THE NUMBER 14 at the Irving Greenberg Theatre, from GCTC and Axis Theatre Company.  Frm the 27th thru Dec 16th.  One of the most anticipated shows of the season!

7 STORIES at Saw Gallery, from Red.Collective.  from the 22nd to 25th, the Reddies are back with some Morris Panych for y’all. *UPDATE*  This show has sadly been cancelled, but is being replaced by a show from Red.Collective the following month.

MR.PIM PASSES BY at Ottawa Little Theatre.  Starting on the 27th, the centennial season marches on, courtesy of AA Milne.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL at the Glebe Community Centre, from the Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group (GNAG).  From the 29th to Dec 2nd, Xmas musical fun from director Eleanor Crowder.

Also, from the 16th-17th, 23rd-24th, and 30th-Dec 1st, Ottawa U will present WORKSHOP II – 4TH YEAR ONE ACTS in Studio Leonard-Beaulne, featuring plays directed by cool beans grad students (is that right..?), for FREE!  How can you say no??

…And that’s not all!!  Here’s what’s coming up locally in THEATRE FRANCAIS:

SOUS-SOL A LOUER at Theatre de L’Ile.  Playing all month long, a really fun sounding show in the prettiest little theatre around!

LE VENTRILOQUE at Studio Leonard-Beaulne.  From the 8th to 10th, Larry Tremblay’s play in one of my fav’rit spaces.

ABC DEMOLITION at La Nouvelle Scene, from Theatre de la Vielle 17.  from the 14th-24th, and featuring the great Paul Rainville! And Annick Leger, who I don’t know, but I bet she’s great too!

UNITY MILLE NEUF-CENT DIX-HUIT (Unity 1918) at Academic Hall, from Comedie des Deux rives.  From the 20th to 24th, and directed by doctor Joel Beddows himself!
INVENTION DU CHAUFFAGE CENTRALE EN NOUVEAU FRANCE (14th to 17th) and LA SCAPHANDRIERE (28th to Dec 2nd) at the NAC, from NAC French Theatre.  Still haven’t caught any of the NAC French productions…hoping to correct that soon!

ZONE at la Nouvelle Scene, from Theatre la Catapulte and Theatre Francais de Toronto.  From the 28th to Dec 1st, from the companies that just brought us the amazing ALBERTINE EN CINQ TEMPS!

…But wait, there’s more!  IMPROV more!!

CRUSH IMPROV has a stellar month planned, starting with a workshop on Nov 5th at the Hintonburg Community Centre, with Kirsten Rasmussen, who seems to have REALLY pretty eyes. *sigh*  Following that is the monthly ‘BOUT TIME battle at the Elmdale Tavern, featuring returning champs TWO AND A HALF WOMEN taking on GRIMPROV (who will still be hosting their own shows the first and last wednesday of the month at the Imperial on Bank street!).  Crush will also be returning with their SPOTLIGHT ON… show at the Gladstone, this time on the 24th (following that evenings performance of NOVEMBER) and guest-starring Nicole Milne!   And hey ho, THE BRAD MACNEIL is returning, the show AND the man himself!  The latest installment of the live chat show will take place on the 22nd at Mercury Lounge, and he’ll also be hosting a workshop of his own at Arts Court Library on the 24th.  He’ll also be joining in the Spotlight fun, so don’t miss him!

This isn’t even mentioning the Dance stuff going Ottawa Dance Directive‘s ROAD TRIP from the 1st to 3rd at Arts Court,and POLITICAL MOTHER and 2 AND 4 from NAC dance.  Plus there’s THE CASE OF THE PEKINESE PEREGRINE wrapping up from Eddie May Mysteries in the Velvet Room, courtesy of Scarlett’s Dinner Theatre.  Or the GLADSTONE UNPLUGGED benefit concert/variety show on the 10th!  Or the UNDERCURRENTS launch party on the 15th at GCTC!  Or RAG AND BONE puppet theatre for the kids..!

Seriously, folks, I am SO TIRED from writing this post.  Just go out and support some local theatre, all right?  From the  length of this entry, you’d have to try pretty hard NOT to see some cool shows this month.  Don’t let me down!  And let me know what I missed (I know there’s SOMEthing).  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)