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Coming Up in November 2016

In Theatre on November 1, 2016 at 11:07 am
  • Updated Nov 8th – Added The Three Musketeers, Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas, Equivocation, the Addams Family. Updated info for Undercurrents launch party.  Nov 10th – Added Fringe 20 Hot Ticket Trivia Night and MacBeth*

Hey, it’s November!  That’s  NO-vember…as in, NO more local arts coverage in the Ottawa Citizen! Or so goeth the rumour mill this morning. Whoops-a-doodle!  Guess it’s time for me to start this up again…I’ve been meaning to rave more about local theatre anyhow.  Let’s see what’s coming up this month on your local stages. Welcome to YES-vember, folks.

DA KINK IN MY HAIR at the National Arts Centre until the 5th. Still time to get Kinky!

ATTEMPTS ON HER LIFE from the Ottawa U Drama Guild, playing at Academic Hall the 1st to 5th.  Written by Martin Crimp, Directed by the dynamite Peter James Howarth!


JACQUES BREL IS ALIVE AND WELL…AND LIVING IN PARIS from Bear & Co., playing at the Gladstone Theatre from the 2nd to 12th. Jacques Brel fans will be glad to hear he’s fine, I’m sure.


LAST WIFE from Belfry Theatre and the Great Canadian Theatre Company, playing at the Irving Greenberg Theatre from the 1st to 20th.  I don’t know this show, but Mahalia is in it, and she’s supercool, so go see it.

IMAGINARY LINES from Linden House Theatre, playing at the Elmwood Theatre (261 Buena Vista, Rockliffe Park).  More good stuff from Janet Uren and the gang!


BURN at the Avalon Studios from the 4th to 13th. A new play from John Muggleton with a seriously cool cast. Selling out fast!

EQUIVOCATION from Kanata Theate, at the Ron Maslin Playhouse from the 8th to 19th. Shakespeare vs.Guy Fawkes! Or something like that…it sounds right cool.


UNDERCURRENTS launch party on the 15th at Arts Court studio, between 5 and 7. Be the  first to hear the 2017 lineup, yay! Also, don’t miss out on the FRINGE 20 HOT TICKET TRIVIA Night on the 21st at Arts Court, 730 start. Fun and prizes (and I may have contributed a trivia question or three)


WILL SOMERS: KEEPING YOUR HEAD from Pierre Brault,at the GCTC Studio from the 9th to 19th.The onus is now on Will Somers to remount his play Pierre Brault if he wants to remain competitive.


GRL PWR a Theatre-y doule bill at Live!on Elgin on the 24th and 25th. Toasted Theatre Company pairs their Fringe hit CHOCOLATE CAKE with the musical stylings of local fav’rits Rhythm and Burgundy for a couple of nights you don’t wanna miss!

THE 25th ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE from Indie Women Productions, playing at the Gladstone Theatre from the 15th to 19th. For fans of spelling, I’ve cleverly inserted a typo into the next sentence. Can OUY find it?

THE ADDAMS FAMILY from Orpheus Musical Theatre, playing at Centrepointe from the 18th to 27th.  Ooky-spooky theatre for the whole family!


HAVE YOURSELF A SCARY LITTLE CHRISTMAS from Eddie May Mysteries, at the Velvet Room starting the 19th. Interactive original murder mystery dinner theatre every weekend at the Velvet Room downtown (and starting in the Kanata location in December)!

EMPIRE OF THE SON at the NAC Studio from the 22nd to Dec 3rd. Tetsuro Shigematsu’s much lauded one-manner comes to the Capitol…can’t wait!


MACBETH from Sock’n’Buskin, at the Kailash Mital Theatre (Carleton U campus) from the 24th to Dec 3rd. The story of a brutal madman who steals the highest office in thee land….thank goodness that couldn’t REALLY happen.


WELFAREWELL from Phoenix Players, playing at the Gladstone Theatre from the 25th to Dec 3rd.

THE THREE MUSKETEERS at the Ottawa Little Theatre, from the 30th to Dec 17. One for all and all that jazz!  Swashbuckling!

I kind of threw this together at the last minute…more to come!  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid

Coming Up in October 2014

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OCTOBER! Now there’s a month. Am I right? Watch, I’ll prove it…


THE PERILS OF PERSEPHONE at the Ottawa Little Theatre. Still a few more chances for some perilous theatre! Until the 4th.

THE BOY IN THE MOON at the Great Canadian Theatre Company. The 40th season opener draws to a close, so get out while you can! Until the 5th!


HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH from Vanity Project, at the Gladstone Theatre. Did you miss it the first time around? Well, you’re about to miss it again unless you get a move on! From the 1st to 4th.

FISH EYES and BOYS WITH CARS from Nightswimming Productions, at the Great Canadian Theatre Company. A double-bill (including one world-premiere) from performer Anita Majumdar! From the 14th to November 2nd.

NEXT TO NORMAL from Indie Women Productions, at the Gladstone Theatre. More musical theatre on Gladstone, because why not? From the 15th to 18th.

kafkas ape

KAFKA’S APE from Infinitheatre, at Theatre Wakefield. A little far out, but this touring production looks fantastic!!  Plays on the 17th and 18th.
THE MOUSETRAP at the Ottawa Little Theatre. Get your Agatha Christie fix. From the 21st to November 8th.

THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT at Academic Hall, from the Ottawa U Drama Guild.  Directed by artist in residence Dragana Varagic.  From the 21st to 25th.

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST at the National Arts Centre Theatre. The NAC kicks off with classic Wilde. From the 21st to November 8th.

THE HUNCHBACKS OF NOTRE DAME from Black Sheep Theatre, at the Gladstone. A hilarious sounding new show that ya don’t wanna miss. From the 22nd to November 1st!
JACK STRAW at the Elmwood theatre, from Linden House. A Somerset Maugham classic from the Linden gang! From the 24th-26th, and November 1st and 2nd.

THE MAGIC FLUTE at Arts Court Theatre, from Opera Lyra. Opera for young’uns, from people who know how to make opera fun. The 25th, 26th, and November 1st.

THE SHAPE OF A GIRL at the Avalon Studio, from Cart Before the Horse.  A return performance of this powerful production from early this year, and a second showing from Megan Carty this month (see the FRESH MEAT Festival, below)

GAME OF BONES, every Saturday evening at the Velvet Room, from Eddie May Murder Mysteries. Based on the popular fantasy TV show ‘Wizards and Warriors’, I think.


THE FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL returns in its third incarnation, and its third home, landing this time at Arts Court for two weekends of original shows from emerging artists around town! Ten shows for your theatre pleasure . A 20$ ticket gets you all five of the shows on that evening. The first weekend 916th to 18th) features:

ME AND MY MONSTER, starring Megan Carty.

MY CARDBOARD LIFE from Backpack Theatre.
ME AND MY MONSTER from Cart Before the Horse.
THE BIG WEED from Traced Theatre.
SMASH.BAM. KAPOW. From Thunk! Theatre. Week two (the 23rd to 25th) will spotlight the second half of shows, including:


TUSK TURNS ONE from May Can Theatre
GARDEN IN THE SKY from Seedling Theatre
DOUBLE DUTY from FG [squared]
BURNT OUT from Norah Paton
FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF DATING from Strange Visitations.

The fetching stars of FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF DATING, being talented.

The fetching stars of FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF DATING, being talented.

That last one happens to be co-created by and co-starring yours truly, and it would be swell if you’d come out and make me feel like this was a good way for me to be spending my time. It’s gonna be fun, I promise!


THE ANIMAL SHOW at the Box Theatre in Toronto, from Katie Hood! Okay it’s in Toronto, but it’s KATIE HOOD! From the 2nd to 4th.

LA SAGOUINE at Theatre de L’Ile. Until the 18th.

FOOL FOR LOVE at the Motel Concorde, from Theatre de la Vielle 17. Only until the 2nd! Don’t miss this special return presentation!

VILLES at Ecole de la Salle, from Theatre de la Pire Espace, with Theatre du Trillium. From the 14th to 17th.

CINQ VISAGES POUR CAMILLE BRUNELLE at the National Arts Centre Studio. The 15th to 18th.

CARTE BLANCHE at L’espace Rene-Prevost. Multidisciplinary artists strut their stuff, from theatre to visual arts and more! Always cool. The 16th to 18th.

2H14 at Ecole de la Salle, from Theatre la Catapulte.  One day only, on the 25th!


More to come, stay tuned!  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid (and Winston)

Coming Up in October 2013

In Theatre on October 4, 2013 at 2:52 pm

Hey, the coming up post doesn’t involve that much work, I can still manage THAT!  A few days late, sure but who’s counting?  Here’s the lowdown for October:

PRIVATE LIVES at the Gladstone Theatre, from Plosive Productions.  Noel Coward continues his rampage of mannered destruction, at least until the 12th.

A LIFE IN THE DAY at the Cumberland Heritage Museum, from Vintage Stock Players. Some outdoorsy theatre in Cumberland, with complimentary Apple Cider!  The 4th and 5th!

AND SO TO BED at the Centrepointe Studio, from Restoration Players, Goya Theatre and Suzart. A restoration musical, and why not? From the 9th to the 12th.


THE WEIR at Richcraft Theatre (Shenkman) , from Tara Players.  A welcome spot of Conor McPherson for your Octobeer.  From the 10th to the 12th.

SPARKS at the Avalon Studio, from New Ottawa Repertory Theatre.  The inaugural show at the new Avalon space in the Glebe, which is reason enough to go right there!  From the 11th to 20th.

YOU FANCY YOURSELF at the Great Canadian Theatre Company.  Maja Ardal couldn’t be stopped a second time, and is back with her previously scheduled one-woman show, starting on the 15th.


DEADLY MURDER at the Ottawa Little Theatre.  Some Deathtrap-esque mystery as the 101st season continues!  From the 15th to Nov 2nd.

FREUD’S LAST SESSION at Various locations, from 9th Hour Theatre.  Freud vs. CS Lewis!  Check the 9th hour showlist for places and dates, ass it continues it’s marathon tour!

TARTUFFE at the NAC Theatre.  Moliere goes Newfie in this adaptation from Andy Jones and the NAC Players!  From the 15th to Nov 2nd.

SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE CASE OF THE HANSOM CAB KILLER at the Gladstone Theatre, from Black Sheep Theatre.  Chris Bange’s Fringe hit comes to Ottawa for two weeks, playing from the 16th to 26th.

THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE at Arts Court Theatre, from Opera Lyra.  A little G&S to liven up your Fall!  the 19th and 20th.

TOLSTOY’S TREASURES at St. James United Church in the Glebe , from Third Wall.  Kristina Watt, Mary Ellis and James richardson do some dramatic readings of Tolstoy’s short works, part of their ongoing EMPTY SPACE series.  On the 23rd!

MERCUTIO AND OPHELIA at the Avalon Studio, from Fireflood Theatre.  Another Fringe winner featuring a Shakespearean fanfic mashup you’ll want to see, now with 100% more Holly Griffith.  From the 25th to 27th and Nov 1st to 3rd.

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LLOYD GEORGE KNEW MY FATHER at the Elmwood Theatre, from Linden House.  A bittersweet comedy from the Linden House mob, playing the 22nd to 26th, and 31st to Nov 2nd.

PRINCESS T at Academic Hall, from the Ottawa U Drama Guild.  A particular Princess indeed picks a husband.  Hijinks ensue!  From the 29th to Nov 2nd.

THE WAR OF THE WORLDS at the Gladstone Theatre, from Plosive Productions.  The radio play takes a turn towards Halloween, with some Welles on Wells action. Plays the 30th to Nov 2nd.

THE EXTREMELY SHORT NEW PLAY FESTIVAL at Arts Court Theatre, from New Theatre Ottawa.  The mini-festival within an evening returns for a second incarnation, with  a cascade of short original plays from local authours for your edification.  Preview on the 30th, regular run from the 31st to November 10th.

cca 2013

I’m a little too late with some of this stuff, going on as I write this, but there’s still time for lots of great national comedy, happening at Arts Court, Centrepointe, and wherever.  Check the website for deets, and I’ll see you at great shows like THRONE OF GAMES and OF MICE AND MORRO AND JASP!


Yay, it’s back and bigger than ever!  Playing for two weekends over the 17th to 19th, and the 24th to 26th, the little festival that doesn’t give a fuck is taking over the Lunenburg Pub to bring you the best ad brightest of Ottawa Youth theatre!  Hosted by GRIMPROV and 2 ½ WOMEN, and featuring debut shows like WHO WILL SEPARATE US?, MANIMALES, TO HELL IN A HANDBASKET, FAR & NEAR & HERE, WAKE, TEMP, MOTION PASSED, THE B-TEAM, FOUNDATIONS, FORSAKEN DAUGHTERS OF WINTER, SCARS and UNTITLED, UNPUBLISHED AND UNSETTLED from a who’s who of local talent (including May Can Theatre, Little Green Hat, Dead Unicorn Ink and so many more).  Who exactly is doing which show and when? Stay tuned for a big preview post about the festival in the weeks to come, telling you all (I hope…I’ve been awfully blog-lazy these days).


LE CHATTE ET LE HIBOU from Theatre de L’Ile, until the 12th.

L’IVRESSE DES PROFONDEURS at l’Ecole de la Salle, from Theatre la Catapulte.  The 19th only!

POMME at the NAC Studio, from Isabelle Payant and Patrick Conan.  The 26th and 27th.

VISAGE DE FEU at the Nac Studio, the 30th to Nov 2nd.  Directed by Joel Beddows!

Plus, Crush Improv will be having their regular ‘BOUT TIME event at Mother McGintey’s on the 7th, plus their post-PRIVATE LIVES show at the Gladstone on the 11th.  And their debut cage match style CAPITAL CRUSH hits Centrepointe Studio on the 25th! Plus on the 28th they’ll be back at the Heart and Crown for the MATTHEW THE BRAVE benefit show, a fundraiser for a tough little kid with some serious medical woes, so it’s a pretty good excuse to get your improv laff on.  Probably more stuff too, but I’m almost out of coffee so it will have to wait!  See you soon, Ottawa.  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid, the Visitor (and Winston)

Coming Up in November 2012

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THIS is the month, folks.  If you don’t do at least six cool things this month, you should probably shout harder for help, as you’re almost certainly trapped under something heavy and need assistance.  Are you ready for it?  Here we go…

GLACE BAY MINERS’ MUSEUM at the National Arts Center, until the 3rd.  Last chance to see the Canuck classic, beautiful set and all.
THE DEATH OF DRACULA at the Gladstone Theatre, from Phoenix Players.  Until the 3rd, vampire fun from the good eggs at Phoenix!

JULIUS CAESER at Centrepointe Studio, from the Ottawa Shakespeare Company.  Also until the 3rd, see what some of the biggest buzz in Ottawa theatre is all about!

YOU NEVER CAN TELL at Elmwood School Theatre, from Linden House.  And still until the 3rd, terrific GB Shaw piece with wee Jenny David knockin’em dead.

IF WE WERE BIRDS at Academic Hall, from the Ottawa U Drama Guild.  Still again until the 3rd, probably the starkest piece of theatre O-town’s gonna see this year.  Daring stuff from the guildsters!

THE HOLLOW at Ottawa Little Theatre.  Until the 10th, Agatha Christie done fun.

FLY ME TO THE MOON at the Irving Greenberg Theatre, from the Great Canadian Theatre Company.  From the 1st thru 18th, the dynamic duo of Margo MacDonald and Mary Ellis get the John P.Kelly treatment, and the result is a must-see.

AGNES OF GOD at the Irving Greenberg Studio, from 9th Hour.  Playing from the 1st to the 10th, rising stars 9th Hour have been putting out good shows, and I doubt they’re stopping now.

KASPAR HAUSER at Old City Hall, from Anthropos Theatre.  Glen Williamson’s one-an show comes for one night only, on the 2nd.  I caught his FAUST, and the dude knows his storytelling.

CINDERELLA at Arts Court Theatre, from Opera Lyra.  An abridged, family-friendly operatic version of the classic tale, on the 3rd, 4th and 9th!

THIRSTY at the National Arts Centre Studio.  From the 5th to the 17th, and featuring the great Andrew Moodie, Jackie Richardson and more!

MARY’S WEDDING at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, from Kanata Theatre.  From the 6th to 17th, a cool sounding show set on the eve of WWI.

WHERE POPPIES BLOW from Salamander Theatre. Publicc performances of this special show at Beechwood National Memorial Centre on the 7th, then at the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama on the 10th, then touring schools across the reegion.  Don’t miss out!

PADRE X at the Canadian War Museum, from Looking Glass Productions.  Playing the 8th (7:30), 10th (1:30 and 7:30) and 11th (1:30), the award-winning one-man Fringe drama from Marc Moir returns!

THE EUMENIDES from Ottawa Theatre School, at the OSSD.  From the 12th to 24th, the first show from this years graduating class of OTS gangsters hits the stage, and I can’t wait!

TONGUE AND GROOVE at Collected Works Bookstore, from Chamber Theatre.  From the 21st to Dec 1st, exciting new stuff from Chamber, in a cool new venue!

NOVEMBER at the Gladstone Theatre, from SevenThirty Productions.  Starting on the 21st thru next month…John P.Kelly is back already, and he’s bringing Todd Duckworth as the president along!

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE at the National Arts Centre Theatre.  Starting on the 21st…Alix Sideris is back, Alix Sideris is back!!  Yay!!

FOOTLOOSE at Centrepointe Theatre, from Orpheus Musical Society.  From the 23rd thru Dec 2nd…it’s a musical about Footloose!  That’s all I know!

DAVID’S REDHAIRED DEATH at the Vanier Community Centre, from Suspension Theatre.  From the 27th to Dec 1st at 8pm (plus 2pm matinee on the 1st), ginger fun from some raucous newcomers!

THE NUMBER 14 at the Irving Greenberg Theatre, from GCTC and Axis Theatre Company.  Frm the 27th thru Dec 16th.  One of the most anticipated shows of the season!

7 STORIES at Saw Gallery, from Red.Collective.  from the 22nd to 25th, the Reddies are back with some Morris Panych for y’all. *UPDATE*  This show has sadly been cancelled, but is being replaced by a show from Red.Collective the following month.

MR.PIM PASSES BY at Ottawa Little Theatre.  Starting on the 27th, the centennial season marches on, courtesy of AA Milne.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL at the Glebe Community Centre, from the Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group (GNAG).  From the 29th to Dec 2nd, Xmas musical fun from director Eleanor Crowder.

Also, from the 16th-17th, 23rd-24th, and 30th-Dec 1st, Ottawa U will present WORKSHOP II – 4TH YEAR ONE ACTS in Studio Leonard-Beaulne, featuring plays directed by cool beans grad students (is that right..?), for FREE!  How can you say no??

…And that’s not all!!  Here’s what’s coming up locally in THEATRE FRANCAIS:

SOUS-SOL A LOUER at Theatre de L’Ile.  Playing all month long, a really fun sounding show in the prettiest little theatre around!

LE VENTRILOQUE at Studio Leonard-Beaulne.  From the 8th to 10th, Larry Tremblay’s play in one of my fav’rit spaces.

ABC DEMOLITION at La Nouvelle Scene, from Theatre de la Vielle 17.  from the 14th-24th, and featuring the great Paul Rainville! And Annick Leger, who I don’t know, but I bet she’s great too!

UNITY MILLE NEUF-CENT DIX-HUIT (Unity 1918) at Academic Hall, from Comedie des Deux rives.  From the 20th to 24th, and directed by doctor Joel Beddows himself!
INVENTION DU CHAUFFAGE CENTRALE EN NOUVEAU FRANCE (14th to 17th) and LA SCAPHANDRIERE (28th to Dec 2nd) at the NAC, from NAC French Theatre.  Still haven’t caught any of the NAC French productions…hoping to correct that soon!

ZONE at la Nouvelle Scene, from Theatre la Catapulte and Theatre Francais de Toronto.  From the 28th to Dec 1st, from the companies that just brought us the amazing ALBERTINE EN CINQ TEMPS!

…But wait, there’s more!  IMPROV more!!

CRUSH IMPROV has a stellar month planned, starting with a workshop on Nov 5th at the Hintonburg Community Centre, with Kirsten Rasmussen, who seems to have REALLY pretty eyes. *sigh*  Following that is the monthly ‘BOUT TIME battle at the Elmdale Tavern, featuring returning champs TWO AND A HALF WOMEN taking on GRIMPROV (who will still be hosting their own shows the first and last wednesday of the month at the Imperial on Bank street!).  Crush will also be returning with their SPOTLIGHT ON… show at the Gladstone, this time on the 24th (following that evenings performance of NOVEMBER) and guest-starring Nicole Milne!   And hey ho, THE BRAD MACNEIL is returning, the show AND the man himself!  The latest installment of the live chat show will take place on the 22nd at Mercury Lounge, and he’ll also be hosting a workshop of his own at Arts Court Library on the 24th.  He’ll also be joining in the Spotlight fun, so don’t miss him!

This isn’t even mentioning the Dance stuff going Ottawa Dance Directive‘s ROAD TRIP from the 1st to 3rd at Arts Court,and POLITICAL MOTHER and 2 AND 4 from NAC dance.  Plus there’s THE CASE OF THE PEKINESE PEREGRINE wrapping up from Eddie May Mysteries in the Velvet Room, courtesy of Scarlett’s Dinner Theatre.  Or the GLADSTONE UNPLUGGED benefit concert/variety show on the 10th!  Or the UNDERCURRENTS launch party on the 15th at GCTC!  Or RAG AND BONE puppet theatre for the kids..!

Seriously, folks, I am SO TIRED from writing this post.  Just go out and support some local theatre, all right?  From the  length of this entry, you’d have to try pretty hard NOT to see some cool shows this month.  Don’t let me down!  And let me know what I missed (I know there’s SOMEthing).  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

You Never Can Tell

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Getting off to a slow start this Monday, TOO slow.  The mean reds got me down once again, and they’re way past beginning to cramp my style, they’ve all but eliminated any style I once laid claim to.  But blogging waits for no man, nor any manic depression, and I have my fifth show of the week to write up yet!  Made it out to this one on the day off yesterday, out at the Elmwood School Theatre where the buses don’t run (because that’s how the extraordinarily wealthy residents like it, thank you very much).  It was that time of year again, when the Linden House Theatre Company puts on their annual show, and it would mark my second time catching the action.   Had a great time at last year’s production of THE CIRCLE, and so had high hopes for their latest effort, George Bernard Shaw’s YOU NEVER CAN TELL.  And not just because Visitorium fav’rit Jenny David was in it, after way too long an absence from Ottawa stages.  Shaw is, after all, one of the most celebrated writers in the English language, and this is a play he pretty much wrote on a dare.  Who could resist?

After the usual Elmwood hospitality (free food and drinks both times now!  I frickin’ love this place!), the show got underway courtesy of musical accompaniment from pianist Jennifer Ross).  Shaw’s version of the English seaside comedy follows a down on his luck dentist called Valentine (Danny McLeod) who gets sucked into the whirlwind that is the Clandon family by nosey parker Dolly (Jenny David) and her twin brother and self-appointed expert on human nature Phillip (Adrian Manicom).  They introduce Valentine to their progressive Mom (company founder Janet Uren, impressive as ever on stage) and older sister Gloria (Susan Nugent), who our hapless dentist instantly falls for.  There’s some disarray in the family, as the children are pestering their proud Mother for information on their real Father, whom they have never known…and who, of course, turns out out be in the very same resort.  Lawyers are called in (Corey Reay as Finch, AND Dan Demarbre as Walter), tempers flare, feelings are hurt, and sometimes it seems as if gentleman butler William (an absolutely terrific Tom Charlebois) is the only sane one in thee bunch.  Which, truth be told, is likely accurate.

YNCT is a lovely and fun comedy, always kept light and with a troupe more than capable of tackling Shaw’s mightily verbose script.  McLeod and Nugent were both great in this June’s DANGEROUS LIAISONS at OLT, and their scenes together are pretty damn delightful as they spar and parry their way to romance.  Bill Horsman’s gruff and bombastic landlord Crampton is hilariously ill-mannered, and he makes a worthy ‘villain’ of the piece.  And yes, Jenny David is perfectly wonderful as dotty Dolly with her endless and inappropriate questions, and she and partner-in-crime Manicom make some merry mischief on stage (and wear some smashing outfits while doing it…thanks to Janet Uren and Jane Sadler on costumes).  A few of director George Stonyk’s transitions could use a little speeding up, and one or two times the odd actor didn’t project as well as needed, but for the most part things flow pretty smoothly.  It’s a terrific fun, seriously witty romp with some pretty canny insight into the way people act snuck in there.  Every Mother should probably force their daughters to read Valentine’s monologue on Artillery and modern wooing, just to be prepared.  Because after all…you never can tell.  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

Coming Up in October 2012

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Starting this post late on Sunday night on the last of September, after finishing off an awesome, jam-packed theatre day (blogging, volunteering for SECRET MASK, catching the FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL, and now, it seems, more blogging).  I don’t think I’ll actually be able to write this post tomorrow, as I’m at work in the day and then trying to sneak out early to CRUSH IMPROV’s workshop before their monthly ‘BOUT TIME battle at the Elmdale.  So, let’s just see if I can’t finish this bit of good bizness up straightaway.  And oboy, is it good, because there’s lotsa STUFF coming up this month!  And more stuff is good stuff when that stuff is theatre stuff.

HAY FEVER at the Ottawa Little Theatre.  The first show of the centenary season wraps up on the 6th.  Noel Coward for everyone!

LE TOUR DE L’ILE at Theatre de L’Ile.  French musical tribute to legend Felix leClerc, playing until the 13th.

HOW IT WORKS from Plosive Productions, at the Gladstone Theatre.  Danny MacIvor goodness from the Plosive gang, from the 5th through 20th.  Gotta see this one, gang.
SHAW’S SHORTS from Third Wall Theatre.  Newly returned after a brief hiatus, the 3rd Wall gang is back with more in their Empty Space series, this time with a little Shaw (in advance of Linden House…see below) courtesy of Koensgen, Watt and Mackan.  On the 10th at St James United!

NEIGHBOURS from Goya Theatre, at Centrepointe Studio. And adult-friendly children’s musical?  Why the heck not?  From the 11th to 14th.

L’IMPLORANTE from Theatre la Tangente, at La Nouvelle Scene.  Art, dance, French theatre…what more you want?  From the 11th to 13th.

MACBETH from Salamander Theatre.  Courtesy of new AD Kate Smith and Director Cat Leger, some bardic goodness with a stellar cast.  Running through area high schools, and three public showings…the Gladstone on the 14th, and two at the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama on the 20th!

THE STAGE MANAGER BATTLE at the Gladstone Theatre.  3 Stage Managers, the unsung heroes of theatre, have an hour to familiarize themselves with 3 new short plays (from May Can, Slattery, and Glassiano) before going live. One night ONLY!!  The 15th, be there.

THE GLACE BAY MINER’S MUSEUM at the National Arts Centre.  The NAC kicks off their new season with this gem, starting on the 16th.

THE HOLLOW at Ottawa Little Theatre.  More from OLT, as the 100th season continues with this 1950’s joint from Agatha Christie.   Starts on the 23rd.

ALBERTINE EN CINQ TEMPS from Theatre la Catapulte, at la Nouvelle Scene.  Michel Tremblay on display, which can only mean good things.  24th through the 27th only!

THE DEATH OF DRACULA from Phoenix Players, at the Gladstone Theatre.  A wee bit of gothic drama from community group Phoenix, from the 25th on to November 3rd.

CRACKERS from Tale Wagging theatre, at Shenkman Center. Fun sounding one-act play from the team behind THE ROOF TOP GUY, from the 25th to 27th in the Shenkman rehearsal hall.

JULIUS CAESER from Ottawa Shakespeare Company, at Centrepointe Theatre.  OSC’s second show finally makes its anticipated debut, with new leading man Eugene Clark.  Debuts on the 25th, and promises some groundbreaking immersive goodies.

YOU NEVER CAN TELL from Linden House, at Elmwood Theatre.  George Bernard Shaw gets the Linden House treatment, and Jenny David is in it!!!  That’s your ticket value right there.  26th through to November 3rd.

FLY ME TO THE MOON at the Great Canadian Theatre Company.  Marie Jones moves from the Gladstone tot he GCTC, with this John P.Kelly directed piece starring Mary Ellis and Margo MacDonald.  A sure thing.  Starts on the 30th.

IF WE WERE BIRDS from the Ottawa U Drama Guild.  I know little, but I always have fun with the Ottawa U gang.  At stately Academic Hall from the 30th to November 3rd.  Thanks to Jan for the heads up!

SOUS-SOL A LOUER at Theatre de L’Ile.  Wacky basement comedy, in a gorgeous French theatre.  I’m going.  Starts on Halloween!

And because I always forget, the NAC French Theatre has, like, three shows this month: POESIE, SANDWICHS ET AUTRE SOIRS QUI PENCHENT from the 3rd-6th, ZESTY GOPHER C’EST FAIR ECRASER PAR UN FRIGO from the 17th-20th, and L’ATELIER from 24th-28th. Thanks to Lisa L’Heureux for reminding me!

As mentioned, the 1st will see the latest CRUSH IMPROV ‘BOUT TIME show at the Elmdale, and the 6th will see the debut of their regular SPOTLIGHT ON… series at the Gladstone, starting with HOW IT WORKS director Stewart Matthews!

Also, I forgot to mention GRIMPROV, who have a show on the first and last wednesday of the month at the Imperial at 329 Bank st.  Which should mean the lads have a show on, yes, Halloween.  Too good to be true?  Stay tuned!
And at the 18th at the Avant-Garde Bar (one drink minimum!!), Toronto’s COMEDY BEFORE THE FROST tour is hitting town, featuring more sketch and stand-up comedians than you can shake a whole lot of sticks at, and hosted by Rachelle Todd!  I’m looking forward to the Young Geologists myself.

Plus, for you lucky Montreal types, the Mainline Theatre is putting up THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW, co-starring the man himself, Shane Adamczak!  If I can find a way to beg, borrow and steal my way to this show, I’m doing it.

And that’s all I’ve got for now.  Anything to add, drop me a line or comment!  And I’ll see you at the theatre.  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

Somerset’s Circle

In Theatre on October 28, 2011 at 1:09 am

There’s something I really love about checking out a show from a group, or at a theatre that I’ve never seen before.   Gives one that real pioneer spirit, you dig?  And if anyone gets into the pioneer spirit, it’s effete pampered sissies like me.  So off I went, venturing far, far into the untold reaches of New Edinburgh, where the busses do not dare to run, to check out something new.

…well, after a quick dinner and pint at the pub, of course, and THEN I was off, in search of the Elmwood theatre.  And yes, yes, I DID realize by the time I got down there that I probably should have checked the online map before I left the house (no, I STILL don’t have a cellphone…stop laughing at me, Nancy!), but I had the general direction in my head.  I wandered off with plenty of time,and…and…holy shit, is EVERYONE rich out in these parts?  Have I never been out here before, ever?  My God!  I think I just realized the evolutionary purpose of Vanier…it’s like a sort of civic Van Allen radiation belt, protecting the good folk of Rockliffe Park from unwanted detritus.  No WONDER the busses don’t run out here!  I was terrified I would set off some sort of automated vagrancy alarm with every mansion I passed.

I finally arrived at the by now expectedly-palatial Elmwood school, a sort of Hogwarts for people far better than you or I, figuring I was laughably early and would have to sit on some bench or other for an hour to pass the time.  Of course, as soon as I entered, there was a spread laid out that shamed the NAC premiere I just attended last week.  And free wine!  What the…was this what it was like EVERY time a play happened here?  I’m coming here ALL the time from now on!

Turns out, no.  Tonight just happened to be a fundraiser for the Laurentian chapter of the IODE, which oddly enough none of the literature there bothered to elucidate upon (the acronym, that is).  Luckily  I’m home now, have internet access once again, so you can see for yourselves.  They seem like a swell bunch.

After politely stuffing my face with a modest handful of nibbles (they had whole plates full of mini-eclairs!  And real fudge!  I LOVE this theatre!!), I finally headed on in to the space itself, a modest room with a nicely raised stage, so I didn’t fret the loss of stadium-style seating any.  And oh yeah, after all this rambling about posh neighbourhoods and free food, thee was a bit of theatre I was gonna be talking about, and this is it…Somerset Maugham’s THE CIRCLE, from Linden House Theatre.  A comedy set in the uppercrust England of the 1930’s, and an indictment of the role of men, women and marriage to boot, old Somerset must have had a rollicking good time writing this one, because it’s a helluva treat to watch.

Centered about the well to-do (but scandal plagued) Champion-Cheney family, Government official Arnold (Corey Reay, almost heartbreakingly repressed here) has a few problems to deal with.  His Father (Robin Carter, elegant and crafty in the elder statesman role) is coming home for a visit, at the same time his long-estranged Mother Catherine (Linden House founder Janet Uren, gloriously in-denial as vain Kitty) is returning for the first time in 30 years, along with the best friend of Arnold’s father she ran away with (Robin Bowditch, gut-bustingly magnificent as the scene-devouring Lord ‘Hughie’ Porteous). At the heart of all of this is Arnold’s young wife Elizabeth (Sara Duplancic) and her handsome guest, Teddie Luton.

Now, I’d been wondering about the girl in the poster for this show ever since I saw it…she looked so damned familiar, and it wasn’t until I saw the name that it hit me…Playing Dead!  Right!  I just didn’t recognize wee Sara when she wasn’t being attacked by Zombie puppets (another chance to see just that coming soon)!  And she does marvelous work here as the romantic young trophy wife, desperate for something more.  Her scenes with Robin Carter, and the wonderful Janet Uren, are great to behold, as is most of this show.  The humour is hilariously subversive at times, and the musings on the roles of men and women in society are, sadly, not as out of date as they probably should be.  Extra kudos to the set designers, and costumers too…Elizabeth positively glows in every outfit.

There’s a lot to love in THE CIRCLE, even without the free wine.  Maugham’s script, with all its manipulation, sexual politics, ribaldry and heart, holds up well, and director George Stonyk does it justice.  I’m glad I made the trek through rich-people’s land to Linden House.  And I’ll be back.  The show’s on until the 29th, so catch it if you can!  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

Coming Up in What’s Left (oops) of October 2011

In Theatre on October 14, 2011 at 8:09 pm

Well, I’ve already missed half the month, haven’t I?  But luckily for me, this is a rather lopsided October for theatre, and besides the killer SPEED-THE-PLOW (currently ongoing at the Gladstone) most of the action takes place in the second half of the month this time around.  Here’s what I’ve come up with:

DREAMS OF WHALES from New Theatre of Ottawa.  Kicking off their first full season as a resident company at Arts Court, the company that Koensgen built launches with the world premiere of Dean Hawes’ script.  Hearing how effusive John K is with his praise for this work, and seeing what a sweet cast they have lined up, I can’t wait to check it out.  From the 18th-29th at Arts Court Theatre.

John Koensgen and Mary Ellis on the DOW set

SALT-WATER MOON at the National Arts Centre.  A thoroughly Canadian romantic comedy, kicking off what turns out to be Peter Hinton’s second-last season as Artistic Director.  Good enough for me!  From the 18th-Nov 5th.

DR.COOK’S GARDEN from Ottawa Little Theatre.  99 years?  Holy Kites!  The OLT just keeps ’em coming, and this production of Ira Levin’s thriller sounds like a particularly fun one.  From the 18th-Nov 5th.

THE CIRCLE from Linden House Theatre.  A little Somerset Maugham to ease those October blahs sounds like good medicine to me.From the 20th-29th at the Elmwood Theatre.

WHISPERING PINES from the Great Canadian Theatre Company.  I hear good buzz indeed about this show, playing over at the Irving Greenberg as the 2nd show of the GCTC’s current season.  And about time we got Kris Joseph back on an Ottawa stage!  From the 25th-Nov 13th.

MACBETH from Sock’n’Buskin.  I love me some student theatre, and this post-apocalyptic vision of the Scottish Play sounds like a blast.  Tess McManus as Lady Macbeth?  Sold!  From the 26th-30th at the Kailash Mital Theatre on Carleton Campus.

TARAM from Theatre du Trillium.  Oui, I’m heading right back into Franco-Theatre, and this one sounds like a right good time.  Written by and starring  international slam champion Marjolaine Beauchamp.  From the 26th-Nov 5th at La Nouvelle Scene.

EURYDICE from Unicorn Theatre.  A special free presentation from the Ottawa U gang, directed by Jodi Sprung-Boyd, and it sounds dead cool. You should go.  From the 19th-22nd at Studio Leonard-Beaulne.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA with Seventeen Voyces.  Okay, it’s note strictly theatre, but you’ll be missing out if you skip this special screening of the classic Lon Chaney silent film, with live musical accompaniment.  27th and 28th at St.Matthews Church in the Glebe.

OUT OF TIME by Colin Dunne.  A little something that sounds pretty cool from the NAC Dance series, and here I am telling you about it.  Anyone wanna go?  I kinda wanna go.  From the 27th-29th at the NAC Studio.

ZIMMERPROV from GRIMprov.  An Improv show/lab from the mentally disturbed gang known only as GRIMprov, and featuring the music of mister Hans Zimmer.  Not bad for five bucks.  Wednesday the 26th at the The Imperial (329 Bank).

That’s all I got for now…what’d I miss?  And seriously, October, we couldn’t have spread this out a little better?  I’m hardly even gonna see Winston for the next 2 weeks!  Ah well.  As always, I am willing to suffer for your art.  Get on out there and see some shows, hey?   And maybe I’ll see you there.  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)