It’s been a while since I tackled that most daunting of challenges, the unanswerable question that is…how the Hell do you review an Improv show?

I mean, by definition every performance, every show is different from the last. Isn’t then any review of a single performance meaningless? Perhaps by extension, isn’t all of life on Earth simply a meaningless, improvised moment-by-moment exercise in hollow futility? It’s a poser, to be sure. And if you’re looking for something to take your mind off of such existential dreads, then look no further than TOO MUCH INFORMATION IMPROVISED at Club Saw, part of this year’s Ottawa Fringe Festival. From Dog Martin Comedy, aka Steph Haller and Paddy MacDonald, the premise of TMII is pretty simple, but instantly hypnotic. A pair of real-life exes, the aforementioned Steph and Paddy, improvise an entire show or series of sketches, using their own failed romantic relationship as fodder. With such a rich source to mine from, it’s almost guaranteed an interesting evening, at the very least.

Bad Improv is a terrible terrible thing to experience, I think we can all agree, but great improv? Sublime. And Steph and Paddy are great improvisers. I almost laughed my mask off during this show (And I don’t fool around with my N95 folx, I wear that shit TIGHT) As noted, there’s really no point in discussing any of the specific bits I witnessed, since your show will be a brand new thing. But these two have killer chemistry and mad skills, and it’s a privilege to watch them work, merrily digging through the minefield of their personal histories for your entertainment dollar. It’s a brash, voyeuristic hour of top-notch comedy that will leave you wanting to come back for more. As, y’know, great improv does. TOO MUCH INFORMATION plays at Club Saw for the rest of the Ottawa Fringe Festival, tickets available at the festival website here! Peace, love and soul,

Kevin R (and Baby G)

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