Ottawa Fringe Preview 2018 – Lightning Round!

Well, it’s only one day now until the all-out frenzy that is the OTTAWA FRINGE FESTIVAL preview night, and I’m still working on my latest, and probably last, Fringe interview of this fest. In the meantime, let’s keep the fun going with ten shows to watch out for this year in …

BG Lightning Round


#faustus at Arts Court Theatre. Starring William Beddoe and Steph Goodwin as a modern day doctor and the devil, this updated retelling of the, well, faustian classic promises an intimidating amount of tech and projection, almost unheard of for Fringe. Which has me very interested indeed!

#faustus photo- Andrew Alexander

How to get Over a Guy in 723 Days (and Other Useful Things I Learned from Afghanistan, the Dildo Dory Grill, and PTSD) at the NAC Rossy Pavillion. A cool new BYOV in the newly renovated National Arts Centre, and a storytelling show from veteran Judy Reid, who will be donating half the proceeds from her show towards creating an improv class for people with PTSD and other anxiety disorders at the Improv Embassy.


Rachel and Zoe: Uncorked and Uncensored at Academic Hall. Hannah Gibson-Fraser and Jodi Morden, two of the most consistently talented dramatic and comedic presences at Fringe, are back with a…sequel? Reworking? Something..? of their terrific 2014 show RACHEL AND ZOE. This time they’ve brought Dan DeMarbre along with them, and it promises to be an emotional, bumpy, and riveting ride.

Rachel and Zoe have been drinking, methinks.

Agent Madeleine at La Nouvelle Scene Studio B. A really intriguing sounding historical biopic of a Muslim war heroine who was given the mandate to ‘set Europe ablaze’. Starring Puja Uppal (recently seen in 3 Sisters’ CLEAN HOUSE, and co-starring my roomie and CRY-BABY Nick Amott. Good cast, great story, all I need!  You too.


House Rules at ODD Box. From my old CONFEDEREMIX cohort Mark MacDonald comes this Dog’s tale, featuring two dynamite local performers…Nick Wade (of THE SINK fame) in the first 3 performances, and Hilary Peck (also of Confederemix) in the second half!


The Geography Teacher’s Orders at Studio Leonard Beaulne. Marta Singh brings her considerable storytelling chops to Fringe with this tale, recently presented in workshop format. And stage managed by my pal Rebecca Laviolette? Icing on the cake!


Lip Service at La Nouvelle Scene Studio A. Natalie Tin Yin Gan and Ashley Whitehead bring their pink, passionate and probably hysterical dance-infused tale of two vulvas on a journey of discovery.  Fringe is made for mad fun like this, folks.

Photo credit Wendy D Photography

A Brief History of Petty Crime at ODD Box. A mighty Fringe comedy presence returns at last after brilliant solo gems LIKE A VIRGIN and CURRICULUM VITAE graced Ottawa Fringes passed, and trust me, you’re gonna want to get in on this. Jimmy Hogg is as funny as they get.

Photo credit Vince McMillen

Banned in the USA at Studio Leonard Beaulne. Gerard Harris makes it 3 for 3 as he returns yet again with his manic, quick-lipped, sprawling and self-deprecating storytelling. Pretty much a sure thing.


A Nightmare on East Hastings: a Comedy at La Nouvelle Scene Studio A. I was a fool and missed Bill Pats when he came to town last year, I won’t make the same mistake twice. This tale, about the perils and pitfalls of property management in Vancouver’s most infamous district, promises to be one to remember.


That’s all for now…we could go on, but it is near Baby Giraffey’s bedtime.  And yes, Baby G will be accompanying me around the Fringe again this year, so if you want your picture taken with him (you do), find us and make it happen!  He just might be at preview night…

2017-06-18 21.55.29
This could be YOU!

Peace, love and soul,

Kevin R (and Baby G)

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