Coming Up in April 2016

  • Updated April 12th, added Cabaret  Oh-La-La and Dance de Garcons to Theatre Francais.

Another right-on-time entry of show listings for the month.

…APRIL FOOLS!  I’m more than a week late! Sigh. Here ya go…

Concord Floral at the NAC Studio. Jordan Tannahill…’nuff said.  Until the 9th.

Calendar Girls at the Ottawa Little Theatre. Until the 16th.

Pool (no water) at Academic Hall, from the Ottawa U Drama Guild. The 5th to 9th.

vw cast
The Virginia Woolf Cast, courtesy of Andrew Alexander.

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf at the Gladstone, from Bear and Co. A pleasant evening in with charming people. The 7th to 16th.

12th night ld

Twelfth Night of the Living Dead at Algonquin College Theatre (Buliding N). Shakespeare’s classic…but with Dinosaurs! Or something.  The 13th to 17th.

Mop in the Grid at Live! On Elgin. Hosted by Nick Amott and Fireflood, a night of variety and pre-Fringe excitement from a slew of companies, including myself (doing I don’t know what, but come along and find out). On the 20th.

Staff Room at the Gladstone, from Phoenix Players. The 22nd to 30th.


Woyzeck’s Head at Arts Court Theatre, from Third Wall Theatre. Tactics closes for the season with the return of one of Ottawa’s most beloved theatre Companies to action! The 22nd to 30th.

Janet Wilson meets the Queen at the GCTC. You had me at Tony Adams and Katie Ryerson.  The 21st to May 8th.

Belles Soeurs: the Musical at the NAC Theatre. Tremblay gets the song’n’dance treatment! The 27th to May 14th.

 – Theatre Francais

Cabaret Oh-La-La at Theatre de L’Ile. Until the 16th.

887 at the NAC Theatre. Robert Lapage returns! The 12Th to 18th, English surtitles on the 15th.

Dance de Garcons at La Nouvelle Scene, from Theatre la Catapulte. The 14th to 16th.

Tendre at the NAC Studio. 2 performers, attached with rubber bands, in a show for ages 4 and up! The 23rd and 24th.

Scenes de la Vie Conjugale at the NAC Studio. French adaptation of the Ingmar Bergman classic Scenes from a Marriage. The 27th to 30th.

 – Improv and other Stuff

oif 2016

Ottawa Improv Festival at Arts Court, the 14th to 16th. All the Improv you can handle, and most of the Improv you can’t. Check it out!

The Improv Game Show at Live! on Elgin. Exactly what it sounds like, on the 11th.

Okay, I’m a week late and this post is still missing a ton of stuff, I know!  Will update occasionally (with updated items spotlighted at the top of the post for easy reference from now on) when I get the chance. But for now, I need breakfast, and it was really important to get this one out today.You don’t even know.  Peace, love and soul,
Kevin Reid (and Winston)

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