One final show for me on a sweetly chilly Thursday night, and maybe my last review of the 2014 Ottawa Fringe festival. I’m still seeing shows, don’t get me wrong, but I’d kind of like to relax and enjoy the final weekend as just another audience member, so I’ll be putting my blogger hat on the rack for the duration. Well, okay, unless inspiration strikes, but that just goes without saying, doesn’t it?

But that’s for later, In the meantime up, up and away to Academic Hall for Slattery Theatre’s STRIPS, a comic book adventure first experimented with back at the now legendary Stage Manager Battle at the Gladstone Theatre. Written by Mark MacDonald, the show features a good sized cast of up’n’coming young Ottawa actors having a bit of superpowered fun onstage. Set in a typical comic metropolis (I want to say New City, is that right? It was very late…), our story follows big shot hero Jack the Jump (Kyle Cunningham) as he tries to make time with fetching librarian Jane (Katie Volkert), not to mention stopping the machinations of evil Doctor Doe (Will LaFrance). Lately, the doc has hooked up with a wicked shapeshifter (Hilary Peck) and launched a new take-over-the-world plot…he might get the jump on Jack, if not for the appearance of a mysterious lady psychic (Chrissie Baxter) who just might help Jack save the day, if she can only get through his thick skull in time.


I’ll be up front with you, gang…this isn’t the best show around, it’s not the greatest theatre…but it DOES have the most superheroes in it, and that’s saying something in my books. A clever framing sequence, funky dyi set and colourful costumes are aided by enthusiastic and properly scenery chewing performances. LaFrance digs gleefully into the cackling Dr Doe, there are a few very cleverly staged super-speed fight scenes, improper telepathic sexual innuendoes are broadcast…it’s a silly fun time with some good folks in tight pants, and that was all I really needed at 11pm on a Thursday. Thanks for the fun, Slattery, and here’s to the next big stage comic book adventure. Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid

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