Crushed! 6 Years and Counting

Time’s a funny old thing.  It seems like barely a year since the last CRUSH IMPROV anniversary extravaganza, and here we are again!  And if ya thought last year’s shindig was a good time, well, you’re correct.  Pat yourself on the back, why dont’cha?  But more and gooder times await this Friday December 6th at the CRUSH IMPROV SIXTH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL at Academic Hall!

The CRUSH IMPROV lineup: Glen Gower, Brooke Cameron, Dan Lajoie, AL Connors and Tim Anderson.  Yay!
The CRUSH IMPROV lineup: Glen Gower, Brooke Cameron, Dan Lajoie, AL Connors and Tim Anderson. Yay!

There have been changes to the lineup of Ottawa’s premiere Improv troupe over the years, and even since last year some new blood has been added as Ottawa Improv fav’rit Brooke Cameron was asked to join long-standing Crushers AL Connors, Dan Lajoie, Tim Anderson and of course, Glen Gower on keys.  They’ve had an amazing year in 2014, finding a new home for their super-successful Bout Time monthly event, relaunching their SPOTLIGHT ON…shows, and hosting an amazing series of shows and workshops at the MY SUMMER CRUSH series that I’m still glowing over.  The gang will be getting together on the 6th for some major anniversary party fun and games, bringing back some former team members to make the night extra-special indeed.  Jordan Moffat, who has since taken up with the great Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto, will be live and in person for the festivities, while legendary alumni Cari Leslie (playing these days with Boom Chicago in Amsterdam) and the Brad MacNeil (grooving with Instant Theatre in Vancouver) will appear through the magick of televisuals, or some other such wizardry.  Those last two will be engaging in a rarely seen cross-continental game called the Doppelganger effect which, trust me, you want to come out to see.  And naturally, there will be a few other special guest stars coming out to play as well (Jordan may be bringing a Bad Dog bigshot along for the ride…)

But wait a minute, you ask, panicked like a small child…this show sounds like it might be kinda long.  Am I supposed to just sit there, watching and laughing, and NOT playing on my iphone?  What am I, a god-damned statue?

Well fret not, oh attention-deficient masses, Crush Improv has heard your sad pleas, and will not only be quite happy to accommodate your relentless in-show texting, sexting, and Angry-Birding, but will be providing an onstage Twitter wall to help those improv suggestions flow fast and free through the ether and onto the big screen.  Ain’t technology grand?

These people. On a stage. Being funny.  What else have you got to do with your life?  Pix by Andrew Alexander.
These people. On a stage. Being funny. What else have you got to do with your life? Pix by Andrew Alexander.

But wait.  Just wait one damn minute!  This show is on the 6th of December you say?  But it isn’t the 6th right this exact minute!  Just what the FUCK am I supposed to do with my life until then?  Huh?!?  Has Crush Improv thought of a clever dicky answer to THAT?  Oh God, it’s all so POINTLESS!!

Well, you just put that bottle of rat poison down, gentle reader, because Crush is still thinking of your best interests at all times.  If you can’t wait that long for the finest improv in the Capital, then come on out to Mother McGintey’s at the Heart and Crown Irish Village in the Market on December 2nd for the latest monthly installment of Crush’s epic ‘BOUT TIME series, and this one is one not to be missed.  Featuring the Bout Time return of THREE AND A HALF WOMEN (featuring Tim, Brooke and Kristine Shadid, who recently tore it up co-hosting the Fresh Meat Theatre Festival) going up against the all-star team of AL, Dan and Jeff Lawson in what will absolutely be one of the funniest nights of the year.  The fact that all proceeds of this event are going to the Ottawa Mission, well, that’s just good spirited icing on a hilarious cake.  Or something.  And knowing the Crush gang they’ve likely got workshops and spotlights and all sorts of other Hoo-Haa going on this month to boot.  Check their website and newsletter for all the facts.

And you know what else?  It’s the sixth anniversary special…and it’s ON the 6th.  I just got that.  Fucking genius.  Academic Hall.  20 bucks. Be there.  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid, the Visitor (and Winston)

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