Coming Up in June 2013

Right!  June is here, and it’s more Festival-tastic than EVER!  I’m a few days late with this post (that Nick Wade fundraiser party was a success, but also a touch time-consuming) so let’s dive right on in!

STEEL MAGNOLIAS at the Ottawa Little Theatre.  A pretty terrific production, now 100% Julia Roberts free!  Running until the 15th.

CAROUSEL at Centrepointe Theatre, from Orpheus Musical Society.  The classic musical from the Orpheus gang, until the 9th.

LIKE WOLVES at the Great Canadian Theatre Company.  A World premiere to finish off the season, from playwright Rosa LaBorde.  Preveiws start the 4th, runs until the 23rd.

FREUD’S LAST SESSION at Dominion Chalmers United Church (355 Cooper), from 9th Hour Theatre.  One more chance to see 9th Hour’s latest, featuring Freud vs.CS Lewis!  Thursday the 6th at 8pm.

THE MOST EXCELLENT QUIXOTIC OOPS HOTEL at Shenkman Centre, from Orleans Young Players.  A crazy sounding piece of Canadian fun from the OYP kids.  Plays the 7th at 730, 8th at 230 and 730.

And that’s about it…except for the, oh, three or four festivals ALSO playing this month. Starting with…



A BRIMFUL OF ASHA at Academic Hall. “Ravi and his mother Asha, who play themselves, bring their real-life story of a mother’s dream and a son’s desire to follow his own path.” The 8th to 10th.

FOR THE PLEASURE OF SEEING HER AGAIN at NAC Theatre.   “…a loving portrait, a midlife Valentine’s card from playwright Michel Tremblay to his late mother, who died of cancer before he rose to prominence. Starring Lorne Cardinal and Margo Kane.” The 7th to 11th.

THE WAR OF 1812 at Arts Court Theatre.  “It’s a two hundred year old war story, but VideoCabaret’s presentation of The War of 1812 is fresh and feisty.” 7th to 15th.

THE GOD THAT COMES at NAC Studio. Yes, the Hawksley Workman show! “Four nights of wine-soaked hedonistic revelry mixed with theatre mixed with rock-and-roll.”  The 8th to 11th.

PETER AND VALERIE at 268 Carruthers st.  “You are invited to Peter and Valerie’s Ottawa home to honour the memory of Frank, Valerie’s childhood friend.  But is that all he was?”  8th to 15th, all but sold out as I write this!

WINNERS AND LOSERS at Academic Hall.  “James Long admits that Winners and Losers is a result of boredom.  The result, though, is anything but.”  The 11th to 15th.


The festival WITHIN a festival, the wonderful SubDevision returns for its second year, this time teaming up with MagNorth to take over Arts Court for three days of wildly inventive, short but sweet theatrical tapas.  Featuring returning companies Deluxe Hot Sauce, May Can Theatre, STO Union, Counterpoint Players, Skeleton Key, Ottawa Stilt Union and Gruppo Rubato, now joined by artist Cathy Gordon, Fixt Point and Suitcase in Point, and U.N.I.T production’s Morro and Jasp.  MORRO AND JASP for flip’s sake!!!  Do not miss this.  From the 12th to 14th, I believe centering around the Festival bar in SAW gallery (have some Clocktower brews while you’re there!)

photo: Karl Claude
photo: Karl Claude


It’s here at last!!  More on this in another post (assuming I find the time to write it), but featuring returning fav’rits like May Can Theatre, Martin Dockery, Jeff Leard, Kurt Fitzpatrick, Nancy Kenny, Dead Unicorn Ink, Monster Theatre and more!  Oh, and a new show called THE TRAGICALL HISTORIE OF NICK WADE (and other fuck-ups) featuring among other things…me.


          ONE NIGHT ONLY

This incredible summer-long series of performances at the Gladstone Theatre kicks off on the 20th, and this month features a variety of musical acts, Suzart’s NUNSENSE JAMBOREE, PRIVATE THOUGHTS from Just Kiddin’, and a smut-tastic double bill from Cameryn Moore herself!!  See The List for all the details!

LA PORTEUSE DE PAIN at Theatre de L’Ile.  Godd stuff from the sweet island theatre, until the 22nd.

LE TRAITEMENT at Studio 311 (135 rue Seraphin-Marion, over Studio Leonard-Beaulne).  Limited seating for this show, so book tickets fast!  From the 5th to 8th.

All for now…got miles to go and lots of stuff to do and see and write about!  Let me know what I missed, and keep bugging me for more stuff, or I’ll never get it all done.  Peace, love and soul.

Kevin Reid, the Visitor (and Winston)

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