Coming Up in May 2013

Gadzooks, it’s May and festival season is gearing up!  Is that Fringe I see on the horizon..?  But first things first, as there’s plenty of goodness in May to get through first!


THE TAMING OF THE SHREW at the Gladstone Theatre, from Bear and Company.  Until the 4th!  Last chance to see a cool all-dude cast turn the tables on of Billy Shakes’ least feminist production.

A TASTE OF THE WILDCAT at the Museum of Civilization, part of Northern Scene.  Also until the 4th, a sweet-sounding bilingual recreation of a genuine Northern diner.  Check the site for times in French or English!

BIG MAMA! THE WILLIE MAE THORNTON STORY at the National Arts Centre.  Big brash blues bonanza that’ll get ya on your feet.  Until the 11th.

COME BLOW YOUR HORN at the Ottawa Little Theatre.   Also until the 11th, OLT does the 60’s and holy Hell, I haven’t seen this one yet!

JUSTICE at Arts Court Theatre, part of Northern Scene.  More SCENE goodness, from the 2nd to the 4th!


FREUD’S LAST SESSION at various locations, from 9th Hour Theatre.  CS Lewis vs. Freud!  Come see the limited public performances of this touring show, check here for venues and times.

TULUGAK: INUIT RAVEN STORIES at the National Arts Centre Studio, part of Northern Scene.  Two performances on the 4th (which according the the NAC website are already sold out, so take heed), family friendly native tales with performers from Nunavut to Greenland.

SCI-FI DOUBLE FEATURE at the NAC 4th Stage, part of Northern Scene.  Ingenious live puppet performance from Ramshackle Productions!  Two performances on the 4th.


WHITE RABBIT, RED RABBIT at the Arts Court Library, from a Company of Fools.  The Fools get serious with this groundbreaking play, featuring a new actor doing a cold read every night.  Check the schedule and pick your fav’rit performer to turn out for!  From the 7th to 25th.

THE BEST MAN at the GCTC.  The annual Lawyer Play for charity returns, so get on out to see some local bigwigs take their turn on the stage for a good cause, with some help from director Pat Gauthier.  From the 8th to 11th!

TRIANGLE FACTORY FIRE PROJECT at SAW Gallery, from Red.Collective.  More verbatim-style goodness from the Reddies, from the 9th to 12th.

A FLEA IN HER EAR at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, from Kanata Theatre.  A hearty farce to get your springtime underway.  From the 14th to 25th.

MISS CALEDONIA at the National Arts Centre Studio.  Melody Johnson charmed the shit out of me with this show at Summerworks, and you better believe I’m coming back for more.  From the 14th to 25th!

IN THE NEXT ROOM (or THE VIBRATOR PLAY) at the Gladstone Theatre, from Same Day Theatre (with Plosive and Counterpoint).  Bronwyn Steinberg returns to direct this, the secret origin of the vibrator. You know you want it!  15th thru June 1st (preview 14th).

EMPTY SPACE FINALE at Glebe St. James United Church (650 Lyon Street South), from Third Wall.  A local touch for 3rd Wall’s final reading series of the season, spotlighting Ottawa Authours.  The 22nd only!

STEEL MAGNOLIAS at the Ottawa Little Theatre.  The 100th season continues!  Beauty parlor gossip  fun starting on the 28th.

CAROUSEL at Centrepointe Theatre, from Orpheus Musical Society. Starting on the 321st, Orpheus gives a classic a new spin.

And that’s not all…

The 15th Annual YOUTH INFRINGEMENT FESTIVAL is back, bigger than ever!  Producer Christine Hecker’s upped the show count and extended the run for this anniversary year, so there’s no excuses to not get out and see what the excitable, hopped-up rugrats of Ottawa Theatre have up their sleeves.  On the roster this year…THE PRETENDERS by John Ryan, FINAL SPARKLE ASCENSION by Victor Armstrong, A BATTLE OF DEMONS by Euan Wheaton, IT’S WHAT DR.JENKINS WOULD HAVE WANTED by Matt Hertendy, EVERYBODY LIMBO! By David Coleman, BEARSNAKE, also by Matt Hertendy (who’s just showing off now, honestly), NEBRASKA by Tony Adams, MOUNTAINS by Maddie Stephens, THE PERFECT PITCH by Cory Thibert, and PRIDE AND JOY by Kyle Cunningham.  All shows have three performances over the fest run, from the 8th to the 18th at Arts Court.  And one of’em is going to win a remount at Fringe in June!  Get on out and support the kids, eh? And speaking of kids…


The OTTAWA INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S FESTIVAL returns to Lebreton Flats from the 28th to June 2nd, with a sweet roster of family-friendly shows from all over, and amazing performers (including some homegrown heroes).  Shows include Mi Casa’s wonderful COUNTRIES SHAPED LIKE STARS, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE (already programmed as part of  next year’s NAC season) from BC, GHOST AND LADDERS and EVOLUTION OF BBOYING from Quebec, A SONATINA from Denmark, and STEP AFRIKA! From the US of A.  Bring the little ones!

And don’t forget KLEO’S WAKE, part of the Ottawa Stilt Union Fundraiser on the 10th at the New Ediburgh Community Centre, 255 Mackay st.  Wake was one of the highlights of last years SubDevision, don’t miss this chance to catch it again (and other fun stuffs)!

Also, May 29 at 10 AM in Arts Court, get set for the official OTTAWA FRINGE FESTIVAL LAUNCH!!  Yes, the best time of the year is almost upon us…come on out and see what’s gonna be rocking your world in June!



HAMLET at Studio Leonard-Beaulne, from Theatre Tremplin, avec Theatre la Catapulte. A French translation of the bard’s most famous bit of angst, and I can’t hardly wait.  From the 1st to 11th.

IK ONKAR at Academic Hall, from Theatre la Catapulte.  One night only on the 4th!

LA NUIT JUST AVANT LES FORETS from NAC French Theatre, venue to be announced!  More great French Theatre, from the 14th to 18th.

LA PORTEUSE DE PAIN at Theatre de L’Ile.  Not sure yet what this one’s about to be hones,t but the Ile always puts on good stuff.  From the 15th thru next month.

L’ARCHE DE NOEMIE at Au Cafe Show.  Reprise of an amazing show presented recently at Ottawa U, from the 15th to 24th.  Facebook event page right here.

*** IMPROV ***

CRUSH IMPROV is back with ‘Bout Time on Monday the 6th, and this month they return to familiar ground at the Elmdale Tavern Oysterhouse!  I wonder if I can still bring in Hintonburger..?

More updates as I get showtimes, from good folks like MISSION IMPROVABLE (MI-6), GRIMPROV and CRYSTAL BASEMENT!

More to come and updates as I discover stuff, or you tell me about it!  See you out there this month, hey gang?  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid, the Visitor (and Winston)

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