UnderCurrents 2013: LITTLE ORANGE MAN

So, how exactly does one review the same show for the fourth time?

I mean really, I think even the small-ish review I did about this show way back at the 2011 Victoria Fringe Festival was probably adequate (they even used a pull-quote from it on their recent posterage, to my giddy delight).  And when I wrote it up again after a second viewing in that fdestival, then AGAIN at last year’s Ottawa Fringe, I can’t recall if I had anything significant to add. You know, stunning new insights, layers of meaning revealed, etc.  So I might be stretching it a bit with a fourth go-round…though I hope it worth noting that I just happily saw this show for a fourth time.

Photos by the clearly wonderful Al Smith.
Photos by the clearly wonderful Al Smith.

This show is, I should also mention Snafu Dance Theatre’s LITTLE ORANGE MAN, starring Ingrid Hansen and directed (and co-created) by Kathleen Greenfield.  The story of a hyperactive young Danish girl nicknamed Kitt who is looking for a way to surf the dreamscape (she’s on a bit of a quest, see), it doesn’t take long into this one-of-a-kind show for the audience to see they’re in for something incredibly special.  Using multiple tools and styles, puppetry and shadows, song, and even some celery (actually, quite a lot), Kitt brings the audience along in her dream-experiments, a whimsical and magical experience with a heartbreakingly human payoff at the end.

I’m thrilled beyond the telling that Kath and Ingi have brought LOM back to Ottawa, AND that Kathleen herself has made the trip out from BC to help things along.  I met both these amazing ladies back at the Vic Fringe, and couldn’t be happier that I’ve been getting to spend some time with them both here in O-town.  I caught their supercool talkback session after the second performance, hosted by GCTC artistic director Eric Coates, which had some very informative tales on the origins of the show (formerly called GNOMEWARD BOUND).  We’ve shared a few drinks, done some dancing, and even caught an insane dance show together, about which I’ll talk at more length in the next Monday Foofarah.  They’re amazing and inspirational people, and meeting them and others like them has made this whole mad rush into the theatre world of the last few years utterly, perfectly worthwhile.  When people ask me to explain my love of theatre, I can sum it up in three words…Little Orange Man.

Al Smith!
Al Smith!

Sorry, I’d meant this post to go on at slightly more length, but I’m pressed for time.  Bus was late this afternoon, and I have to get back to the GCTC tonight for, if you can believe it, one more viewing of Little Orange Man (hey, they invited me..!).  Also, I have a dvd that Ingrid wants to borrow, and it’s always nice to give back a little.  I probably won’t get to see the ladies again before they finish their run and have to vacate our chilly town (LOM is playing next in both Montreal and Toronto), so I want one last chance to hug them farewell, and hope they make it back to Ottawa next Fringe, with the sequel show, KITT AND JANE.  I think that’d be swell.  And that’s it for my Undercurrents writeups, folks…back later with some sort of wrapup or other, if I can think of anything more to say.  In the meantime…Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid, the Visitor (and Winston)

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