Team Visitorium 2012 – Grace’s Reviews!

Grace Gordon is a recent graduate of the Dawson College Professional Theatre program in Montreal, where she has played such roles as Portia in The Merchant of Venice, Masha in Three Sisters, and Jackie in Noel Coward’s Hay Fever. Last summer she appeared in Ottawa parks playing Desdemona in Salamander Shakespeare Co.’s Othello. As a self-proclaimed ‘Art Snob’ she is excited to share her large opinions with Fringe goers and blog perusers alike!
WHAT HAPPENS NOW? by Andrew Chapman (1.21 Productions)

If you aren’t looking for a deeply profound classical theatre piece, What Happens Now is just the piece for you. The (stand-up) show is comprised of one man, no set, and many, many hilarious and sometimes thought-provoking observations about Ottawa cab drivers, all-day breakfast, and kittens (to name only a few).

Andrew Chapman is delightful to spend the hour with. He exudes a laid-back persona while remaining completely compelling to listen to. Although the size of audience was abysmal the afternoon I went to see it, Chapman really does deserve full houses. Trust me, you will not regret spending your hard earned Fringe cash on this one.


Friday, June 22nd @ 7pm

Saturday, June 23rd @ 6pm

Sunday, June 24th @ 7:30pm

HIP HOP SHAKESPEARE LIVE MUSIC VIDEOS! by 411 DramaturgyWhat I lack in knowledge about Hip-Hop, I more than make up for in love for Shakespeare which is why I was equal parts nervous and excited about seeing the two come together in this Fringe show. 411 dramaturgy co.’s Hip-Hop Shakespeare Live Music Videos is exactly what it sounds like – a song cycle of urban beats cleverly remixed with new lyrics inspired by the Bard’s works. Although sometimes the quality of the wireless mics makes it hard to hear, it’s nothing that can’t be overlooked – my only disappointment was that I didn’t want to miss a single reference to whichever play they were rapping about – my personal favorite being the Hamlet/ Kanye West mash-up.Melanie Karin and David Benedict Brown’s show may not be high art but I would definitely recommend checking out this show for a good time where the two worlds of hip-hop and English literature combine.

THE BOY, THE GIRL AND THE SECRETS THEY SHARED by Alex Kirkpatrick (Elephant Collective)

The Boy, and the Girl, and the Secrets They Shared tells the story of a brother and sister who were separated ten years ago when they were entered into foster care. They reconnect to finally dive into and release all the melancholic moments they shared together and apart.

Simplistic in its execution (the set is a lone park bench – just the way a Fringe show should be) and props to the entire artistic team for tackling such dramatic and sensitive subject matter, however for  the most part this emotional roller coaster is rather flat. The text can be at times stiff and the performers even stiffer (save for a few naturalistic moments from the Brother, played by Lewis Caunter, which came as a breath of fresh air). Regrettably, I was left wondering why I should care about this sibling duo.

Venue 2

Saturday, June 16 @ 9pm

Sunday, June 17 @ 3pm

Wednesday, June 20 @ 8:30pm

Thursday, June 21 @ 7pm

Saturday, June 23 @ 4:30pm


–  CRUX by Kathleen Frost (Hightide Theatre)

Crux tells the story of one girl, Grace, who finds herself trapped in a screening process for a secret realm/society underneath the streets of downtown Ottawa but ends up finding herself instead.

Jane Hosek (as Janet), Samuel Morgan (as Parker), and Mahalia Golnosh Tahririha (as Grace)

Though a musical work-in-progress, this piece has a nice ensemble. The story is fragmented and can be hard to follow but the musical numbers however are just lovely. Everyone in the cast can more than carry a tune at the same time as executing their intricate choreography. The song: “Rideau and Sussex,” could certainly be a theme song for the city.

Venue 1

Saturday, June 16 @ 11pm

Sunday, June 17 @ 6:30pm

Wednesday, June 20 @ 9:30pm

Friday, June 22 @ 5pm


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