Visions of Fringe 2012

And now, because I’m home sick missing cool stuff and have nothing better to do…here are five of my fav’rit OTTAWA FRINGE FESTIVAL promo videos, that I’ve been perusing on YouTube tonight.  Check ’em all out, then see all their shows June 14th-24th:

I saw Howard Petrick’s show RAMBO: THE MISSING YEARS in Victoria, and it was a well-crafted, multi-role one man show with incredible spirit, and was a true story to boot.  This, if I’m not mistaken, is the same show, renamed BREAKING RANK!, and I think it’s gonna be dynamite in the much more intimate venue of Arts Court Library:

I’ve never heard of Sandrine Lafond, but having my interest in dance/movement renewed recently, I was curious about her show, and am triply excited after this vid for her show, LITTLE LADY:

Garkin Productions has been in at least six Ottawa Fringe Fests, and their latest looks to be one of their best yet (and I saw SATANIC PANIC twice!).  Beware the LONELY BEAR!

Another Victoria discovery, Katherine Glover’s show BURNING BROTHELS was a Festival highlight, and her new one DEAD WRONG sounds, quite frankly, even better, and I can’t WAIT:

Finally, I freely admit my bias on account for this show (I’m actually part of the ‘audio environment’ being assembled), but it’s well-earned…Ken Godmere is a  master of the craft, and VERNUS SAYS SURPRISE is gonna be an amazing show.  It’s also an amazing promo video.  Check it out:

More Fringe to come…MUCH more!  Stay tuned, kids.  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

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