Coming Up in May 2012

Another month, another coming up list, whee!  I keep trying  to make these lists a little more comprehensive AND easier to follow, which I hope is working.  As always, any feedback would be appreciated, and if you know of any shows I’ve missed (the end of the month feels a little light to me…) drop me a line!  I want to know it ALL

(Likewise, I’m also trying to maintain what I hope is just about the most comprehensive theatre links list in Ottawa, down there along the sides of the page…want to be added?  Let me know!  And it wouldn’t kill ya to link back to me, now would it?  I thought not. 🙂 )

SHAKESPEARE’S DEAD from a Company of Fools.  Playing from the 1st to to 11th (Mondays to Fridays) at various locations listed in handy chart form on their website, and payable in traditional pass-the-hat style. A sure thing, Shakespeare as only Scott, AL and their merry band of Fools can muster.

BEYOND A JOKE at the Ottawa Little Theatre, from the 1st to the 19th, tickets $25.  A classic farce with a high body count, what more do you want?

THE EXTREMELY SHORT PLAY FESTIVAL from New Theatre Ottawa, at Arts Court Theatre.   Previews on the 1st and 2nd, regular run from the 1st through 12th.  11 short plays, all from local authours (including Geoff McBride, Lawrence Aronovitch and Pierre Brault, among illustrious others), back to back each and every night.  Set to become an annual event, so get in on the ground floor!

DEATH AND THE MAIDEN from Plosive Productions, at the Gladstone Theatre.  Preview on the 1st, runs from the 2nd through 19th.  The promo pix alone for this one look harrowing…I can’t wait!

POINTE DE FUITE at La Nouvelle Scene. A Series of poetical texts (in French), woven into a unique night of theatre.  From the 2nd to the 12th.

NATHAN from NAC French Theatre, May 2nd to 5th in the Studio.  Also UNE LUNE ENTRE DEUX MAISONS from the 23rd to 27th…I think that one is part of the youth series, but both look amazing.

SCHOOLHOUSE from the Lakeside Players, at the Ron Kolbus Theatre.  Playing from the 3rd to the 6th, and I think there’s some tasty dinner theatre in there somewhere too.  Check it out!

LA ROBE DE GULNARA from Bandeladouze at L’Ecole Beatrcie-Desloges, 1999 Avenue Provence, Orleans.  Good buzz about this show, and I’m starting to look into ways to rearrange my schedule so I can get out there.  From the 3rd through 5th.

KING LEAR at the National Arts Centre.  Yay, a show I didn’t just talk about yesterday! Starring an all-Aboriginal cast and directed by outgoing Artistic Director Peter Hinton, this one’s gonna sell like hotcakes.  Previews start on the 8th, run goes from the 11th though 26th.  Don’t miss it!

THE EMPTY SPACE FINALE from Third Wall Theatre, at Cube Gallery.  The last in their series of readings/fundraisers, Third Wall presents an evening of Oscar Wilde short stories with James Richardson, Henrietta Southam, and Prix Rideau Emerging Artist 2011 Katie Bunting!  May 9th, one night only!

MY MOTHER’S LESBIAN JEWISH WICCAN WEDDING from Goya  Theatre, at the Centrepointe Studio Theatre.  Worth it for the name alone, no?  From the 10th to 13th.

SUBDEVISION at St.Pauls Eastern United Church (437 Cumberland).  A Three-day event from the 10th to 12th, featuring music, drinks, and original short site-specific works from EIGHT local theatre groups (MiCasa, Two Little Birds, Ottawa Stilt Union, May Can, Counterpoint Players, Deluxe Hot Sauce, Gruppo Rubato and Skeleton Key…phew!), THIS is the must-see-and-be-seen-at shindig of the month.  I’m calling it.  Facebook Event Page HERE.

ROMEO AND JULIET from Kanata Theatre, at the Ron Maslin Playhouse.  Yes, I’m FINALLY getting out to Kanata to catch one of their shows, because Leslie would never forgive me if I missed his Mercutio! From the 15th to 19th, and 22nd to 26th.

YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN at Centrepointe Theatre, 25th and 26th only (2 performances on the 26th).  Dig yourself some Mel Brooks musical madness?  This is your destination.

CIRCLE MIRROR TRANSFORMATION at the Great Canadian Theatre Company.  Not to be trumped by Hinton’s LEAR, Outgoing GCTC AD Lise-Ann Johnson is helming this production, starring Andy Massingham, Sarah McVie, John Koensgen, Mary Ellis and Catherine Rainville.  From the 22nd through June 10th.

And, the surest sign that Fringe season is almost upon us…

THE 14th ANNUAL YOUTH INFRINGEMENT FESTIVAL at Arts Court!  Running from the 15th through 19th, the festival features the best and most excitable of Ottawa’s young performers and creators, letting it all hang out with original works.  The lineup of new plays for this year’s fest are:
LONG DIVISION by Kyle Cunningham


BLIND DATE by Matt Hertendy



THE RESTAURANT by Lucas Armstrong

HYDRANGEA by Kyle Cunningham (thanks to Andrew for clearing up my confusion on this one!)

But wait, there’s more..!
***   IMPROV!   ***

As the first of what I plan to be a regular feature on the ‘Coming Up’  posts, here’s a rundown of the local Improv schedules around town (I might be missing a LOT here, I dunno, so feel free to smarten me up, as ever)

CRUSH IMPROV -At the Elmdale Tavern the first Monday of every month, this time on the 7th for their ‘BOUT TIME team vs.Team style-showdown.  UPDATE: The teams have been announced…it’ll be ALL THE SINGLE LADIES (Brooke Cameron, Kristine Shadid and…Tim Anderson, sure, why not?) versus the good lads at GRIMProv (Mike Kosowan, Drew McFadden and Joel Garrow…more on them below).  Do the right thing, and get a Hintonburger before the show!

INSENSITIVITY TRAINING -Currently homeless, as their odd-numbered Sunday shows at Yuk-Yuks have gone bye-bye. 😦  If you see them on a street corner, please spare a chuckle.

CRYSTAL BASEMENT -Still (I think) doing a show at the Atomic Rooster the last Tuesday of every month, this time on the 29th.  Go see Jody, Thea and the gang and have a drink or two while yer at it.

GRIMProv -This Wednesday the 2nd, the Grimsters (just Mike and Drew, as I understand) will be givin’er at the Imperial, with special guest stars Tim Anderson and Brooke Cameron (all also appearing at this month’s CRUSH show)!  Get there early!

…and if you’re in Toronto, and speak French (unlikely, I know, but still…) you can stop in at the Fox and Fiddle for LES IMPROBABLES PRESENTENT: BLEUS VS JAUNES and cheer on Nancy Kenny for me!  Vas-Y les Jaunes!

There’s more, I know, but I’m forgetting something…who are those new Ottawa U kids again?? This is here you come in, people!  And while you’re jogging my memory, boost my ego as well and ‘like’ my Facebook Page!  Because I clearly have self-esteem issues (come on, let’s at LEAST crack a hundred!).

Also, update your bookmarks, because Nadine Thornhill has an Adorkable New Home on the web!  Don’t get lost in the move!

Right, that’s really it…Anything else you’d like me covering in this segment?  Dance, spoken word, whatever?  The Visitorium is here for you, yo.  See you all at the theatre, awright?  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)


  1. Hooray for short plays! Perfect entertainment for a woman who loves great theatre, but has a smaller attention span than my 5-year-old. I will see you there!

    Thank you also for the moving day shout out! Now I don’t have to send all those change of address cards. 🙂

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