Rideau 2012 – The Noms!

So, I had this WHOLE post ready to go?  Foofarah-stylee, about the PRIX RIDEAU AWARDS nominations just announced?  And I even had it posted and up, for about 30 seconds, until I saw that the formatting wasn’t working, stuff I’d embedded wasn’t showing up, and to be honest it made me feel rather stoopid and self-conscious, so I just up and deleted the whole damned thing.  I’m…not having the most startlingly rational responses to things these days, I’ll be honest.

But try, try again! It’s too late to Foofarah (on a Tuesday?  Be serious.), but I still have a few words I’d like to get in edgewise about the noms themselves.  I won’t bother putting the list of honorees here…but feel free to check’em out (if you haven’t already) on some other site, and then race back here.  All set?  Let’s get with the witty remarks and pithy commentary already:

OUTSTANDING PRODUCTION:  Damn you, Rideau Awards, for nominating a show I managed not to see last year (the St.Lawrence production of TWELFTH NIGHT, to be specific).  Don’t I feel inadequate enough?  But still, good list, and I’m kinda rooting for my beloved UNDER MILK WOOD here.

OUTSTANDING DIRECTION: …and there’s the St.Lawrence show again!  I GET it, Rideau Awards, I missed a great show!  STOP RUBBING IT IN!!  *sigh*  It’s SIX: AT HOME all over again. But great nominees again, and always nice to see Joel’s name in lights.

OUTSTANDING GIRL PERFORMANCE: Yes, I tweaked the name, I like mine better.  And YAY, Annie Lefebvre!  Double-YAY Kate Smith!!  And another nom for LAVENDER RAILROAD?  I like these lists so far, gang.

OUTSTANDING ANDY MASSINGHAM PERFORMANCE: Seriously, how did Gelinas and Muggleton make it in here?  THEY’RE not Andy Massingham!  Not even a little bit…like, what the HELL, man…

Andy will also be presenting the award, running the sound board, and doubling as the entire audience. It should be a gas.

OUTSTANDING DESIGN: And okay, it’s a little wonky that all aspects of design are lumped into one category like this, but I figger the Awards are still growing, and these things take time.  And tho I’m sad to not see Pierre Ducharme nommed for his LITTLE MARTYRS set, Al ‘Cars’ Connors getting the sound nod for that great show makes up for it a little (EDIT: Sorry, Al got the nod for Evolution’s LAVENDER RAILROAD, not MARTYRS.  Still cool.).

OUTSTANDING NEW CREATION: How much am I in fucking love with this list?  Haven’t I been telling you people about MAY CAN THEATRE for ages now?  And LAVENDER RAILROAD…hey, I did front of house for that show, so can I technically say I’VE been nominated along with it?  Because I’m totally saying that from now on.  And as for Nancy and the little Roller Derby show that could…okay, I couldn’t be prouder.  So very well done, PH.

OUTSTANDING ADAPTATION/TRANSLATION: More of some of my fav’rits of last year, huzzah!  More LITTLE MARTYRS love (I told you all you should’a seen that show, right?), and MIDWINTERS DREAM TALE making the scene! Third Wall, Odyssey and OSC round out a pretty sweet list.

OUTSTANDING FRINGE PRODUCTION: Ya know I love me some Fringe, and I’m REALLY excited to see my OTS gangsters represented for the underrated GLITCH.  And May Can and Nancy K again..?  Bloody great news.  Kudos to Black Sheep and The Walk for making the short list as well.

OUTSTANDING AWESOME PERSON: Yes, I have improved on the title EMERGING ARTIST.  You’re welcome.  And YAY Katie Bunting!  Double YAY more Roller Derby/Little Martyrs luv! And Nancy, for making the hat trick of nominations…we’re playing your song:

THE FRENCH NOMINATIONS:  I won’t go too much into these, except to say how giddy I am that two shows I saw and loved TARAM and FRERES D’HIVER, racked up the nods.  And way to go  Joel Beddows for getting tagged as Director in both languages!

ROUNDING UP:  I’m pretty dee-lited witht he list of nominees this year, if ya couldn’t tell.  And I’m extra-glad that LITTLE MARTYRS is getting some well-deserved recognition (actually at least 2 nominations fewer than I would have enjoyed, but it’s a start), as well as UNDER MILK WOOD.  Although, as has been pointed out, it’s more than a little shameful that the ‘Behind the Rideau’ category designed to honour Stage Managers, techs, publicists and many other less-visible contributors to the theatre, had to be dropped from the English nominations due to a lack of submissions.  Bad karma, English Theatre.  Your unsung heroes deserve WAY more love than THAT.  Do better next year, and that IS an order.

And yes, I’m really thrilled that some close pals got the love they very much deserved as well.  Tony, Cory and Erin at MAY CAN THEATRE, ya done SO good.  I expect top hats and tails at the gala!  And as for ROLLER DERBY SAVED MY SOUL, I know how hard Nancy, Tania and Nick worked to make that show the winner it was, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s getting recognized.  And yes, ALL the nominees get a round of applause for jobs well done.  Time will tell who the winners end up being, but honestly, I’m not even that interested in THAT part.  Art being subjective at all.

Still…it should be a helluva party.  April 22, Shenkman Centre.  Maybe I’ll see you there.  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

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  1. Thank you for the shout outs! ( both of them) and thank you for mentioning my issue with the noms this year. The more people know the less of an issue it will be this year.

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