UNDERCURRENTS 2012 *** Bonus Valentine’s Post ***

Saw a couple of shows at the GCTC tonite, but in a rather relaxing twist, I won’t be reviewing them just now.  Granted, one of them was LIVE FROM THE BELLY OF A WHALE, which I saw and wrote about last week.  And the other was WEETUBE 5400, which premiered at the festival tonite, and while I’ll urge to you to OMG SEE IT IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, I still won’t be writing in depth about it just now.  Because tonite was V-day.  DOUBLE V-day really…not only was it Valentine’s Day, it was also my volunteer shift for the festival.  And while I totally used to do reviews based on my volunteer viewings, I don’t feel that cool doing it anymore.

So why the post?  Because it was Valentine’s Day, obviously!  And even tho it’s darn near 1 in the morning as I write this, I STILL haven’t hit the whiskey.  In fact, I’m calling today the 2nd best Valentine’s EVER for me.  Started off with a trip to the Ottawa Fringe offices to visit the de-lovely Natalie Joy Quesnel, as she went about her business of bringing us that summer theatre festival which, you know, kind of defines my existence these days.  We chatted, I peeked at spoiler info for the upcoming Fringe, it was a time.  Later, after an emergency homemade hamburger steak (I forgot to buy buns), I headed out to the GCTC to do my civic duty and man the front door.  On the way I picked up some cupcakes for the wicked cool gals of the box office (this night including Chantal, Anna, and darlin’ Stefani Joy), because I’d promised them treats in my last post.

Traded up duties over the course of the evening with my volunteer pardner, handing out programs and/or tearing tickets for the illustrious likes of Margo MacDonald, Rich Hemphill, Will LaFrance, Wayne C, even tweedy old Snowdon.  It was a grand night, loved WEETUBE, loved BELLY the second time around, and apparently the gals loved the cupcakes.

So why am I writing this thing?  Not sure…I just had the thought that I should write it.  Valentine’s Day and all…or, according to the more reliable Church of the SubGenius, the day of St.Seka.  And as readers of the blog will know, I am a more or less reluctant bachelor these days.  I’ve been single for about a year and a half now, and am not always happy about that fact.  Most of the cool, single girls I know are either really, really young, or really, really in Toronto, which doesn’t help my bachelor self very much.  And today, oddly enough, I’m kind of okay with that. I’ve got some work to do, here in the scrapyard I call my life, and it’s probably for the best that I’m working alone.  But I’m  having a good time of it just now, just this minute.  Maybe not tomorrow, or next week.  But right now?  I’m a happy Visitor.

So Happy St.Seka’s Day, everyone!  Fuck somebody you love (or masturbate to your fav’rit stimulus)!  And I’ll be back tomorrow night, hopefully, with my final proper UNDERCURRENTS post of 2012.  Peace, love, soul, and a little more love than usual,

The Visitor (and Winston)


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