Coming Up in June ’11

So apologies, I said the last post was to be my final one of the year, but obviously, that was before I remembered that I forgot about this one!  Silly, really.  Hope you don’t mind.  One for the road, eh?  Let’s get to it…what the heck is going on in June??

Well, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT continues at the GCTC until the 12th.  It will end its run as part of the MAGNETIC NORTH THEATRE FESTIVAL, which, aside from all it’s neato-sounding panels and Industry-thingies, also boasts an impressive six show roster.   Along with MacIvor, they will feature: YICHUD, from the 3rd to the 6th at Academic Hall.  5 EASY STEPS TO THE END OF THE WORLD from the 3rd to 6th at Arts Court.    KAWASAKI EXIT from the 5th to the 8th at the NAC Studio.  THE SILICONE DIARIES from the 8th to 11th at Academic Hall.  And KISMET 1 TO 100 from the 5th to 10th at Academic Hall.  Phew!  They all sound spectacular, and it’s nice that we finally get some kind of theatre festival in June.  You know, when nothing ELSE is happening.

Back at the GCTC in the Studio, 3rd Wall’s EXIT THE KING continues until the 11th, and ya know that’ll be fantastic.    And at the Ottawa Little Theatre, their MESSIAH ON THE FRIGIDAIRE goes until the 11th as well.

Orpheus Musical theatre has their season finale, DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS from the 3rd -12th.  Do you think Alvina will review this one?  Give it a minute…

At the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama, Once Upon a Kingdom is staging THE LITTLE PRINCE from the 9th to 12th in the Natalie Stern Studio.  Also, the OSSD is having their annual awards show at the NAC Studio on the 13th.  Sadly, I have not been nominated for anything, but you should still go if you can.  Also, the folks from Ottawa Sketch Comedy are putting on THE LIVE SHOW at the Mayfair theatre the 7th-9th, which sounds like a blast.

What else?  Well, there’s WESTFEST from the 10th thru 12th…the 11th will feature spoken word performance from the Adorkable ™ Nadine Thornhill, as well as Jess Ruano and many talented others.  Oh, and Bif Naked, but she sings her stuff, I think.  Plus the CANADA DANCE FESTIVAL from the 15th to 18th, if’n the dancin’s your thing. Ain’t naught wrong with that, folks.  In fact, there’s a little more of it courtesy of PROPELLER DANCE over at Shenkman on the 16th and 17th too!

And, I think that’s about it.  I’m off for a wee bit of a break, some downtime, you dig?  Someone will gimme me a shout if there’s anything I missed, or…no, no, we’re good.  I’m done for the year anyhow.  *PHEW*  Glad I remembered to get this one last post taken care of.  Time for a nap now.  Peace, Love and Soul, Ottawa,

The Visitor (and Winston)

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