Sweet Five

How long has it been since a new eppy of SWEET TARTS TAKEAWAY?  Yes, you’re correct, Johnny Obvious, too damn long!  So what HAS been going on in the world of Janis (Kel Parsons) and Sue (Kate Drummond), would-be-caterers and newly inducted repo ladies?  Let’s watch, shall we..?

More nifty highlights in this ep, including the introduction of Janis’  slackerific son Curtis (a goofily amusing Evan Welchner), the welcome return of Riley Stewart as Bob, replete with handy tips on how to succeed in the repo business, and the final fate of the reclaimed sex toys from two eps back.  There’s good back and forth with Jan and Sue, and especially with the two of them and Bob.  We’re nearing the point now when enough of the pieces will be in play in this fledgeling series to really start doing intriguing things with the players on a slightly larger scale.  And if that sounds dirty, then so be it.  In for a penny…

And okay, that’s a fairly short review-ish thing of mine, which it shouldn’t be on account of it HAS been a long wait (cool opening street-searching montage, by the by), but I’ve been battling a sentient black hole that’s trying to form inside my Parietal lobe, and it’s making for a tough evening.  I was happy to have the Sweet Tarts as a distraction.  Much obliged, ladies, and I hope we’ll see you sooner!  Peace, love and soul from a fan,

the Visitor (and Winston)

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