Youth Infringement 2011 – Part Two

I hadn’t really planned on going out tonight.  Actually, I had no idea WHAT I was going to do tonight…for the first time in a while, I had nothing solid planned.  There were a few new shows I could have done seen, although the NAC bits were looking a little pricey to my eyes (I’m saving my pennies for FRINGE, dontcha know).  And although I’d been planning on waiting until tomorrow to revisit Arts Court and the YOUTH INFRINGEMENT festival, something occurred to me as I perused the schedule today…namely, that i could head out today and catch one of my three missing shows right off the top, and get a writeup in while there was still a chance to do some good (tomorrow night is its last performance, so…).  And, good raised-by-DC Comics lad that I am, good deeds is what I always seek to do.

This picture goes a long way towards explaining how I turned out.

So off I rolled today, after some fruitless shop-browsing and slightly more productive scene studying (that long overdue class post is coming, I promise), to the Court of the Arts for a brief hit of Infringement.  Happy to see superstar director Teri Loretto there, one of the teacher/mentors for some of the YI gangsters, as well as MAY CAN Theatre lads Cory Thibert and Tony Adams.   We enjoyed some of the evenings musical guests The Walkouts in the lobby (not to mention a tasty chocolate-coconut cupcake…awesome) before the doors opened on the first (and my only) show of the evening…Colin Giles’ IT’S NOTHING.  I caught Colin G onstage just the other day in the dee-liteful A TOUR DE MOROSE, so I was intrigued to see what his writing chops were like.  Also, the show was a fairly rare one-hander for Youth Infringement, starring Colin #2 of the evening, Colin Lloyd.  And for the final bit of cool, the director was Christine ‘Guildenstern’ Hecker, who so recently rocked it in the killer Algonquin Arts production of ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD.  I was stoked.

The show was solid indeed…I don’t think I’ve ever seen Colin L in anything before, but he more than held his own up there as the neurotic, panicky George (with a G), trying painfully hard to explain to us just why it was he punched that little dog in the face.  Hey we’ve all been there.  Colin G’s script was very funny, heartfelt, and touching without delving into schmaltz.  They were good words, and Colin L rode them like a champ.  It was short and sweet, and I was happy to leave rooting for George in whatever came next for him.  Very, very nice stuff.

And, well, that was it for me tonite.  I’d half-planned on staying to catch TRAPPED IN A VOX one more time (very tempting indeed), but was just feeling the need to get home and write.  So off i went, but I’ll be back for my finale tomorrow to catch FALLEN and QUEEN FOR A DAY.  As extra added incentive, Cory and Tony will be providing the music during intermissions as well…who wouldn’t turn out for some DANGER PROJECT-style jams in between up’n’coming theatre?  With cookies??  No excuses, people, let’s pack that house all night tomorrow AND Saturday, and send this years Infringement off with a serious bang.  And don’t forget to cast a vote for which of these shows you’d like to see back at the Fringe Festival in June!  I’ll cast my own ballot tomorrow night.  But I’m happy to say that, so far, they’re all good enough to win.  Or maybe that’s just the SUPER FRIENDS talking.  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)

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