Sweet Tarts Takeaway: Fantastic (episode) 4

Ah!   It’s been too long, dear friends, since I had an excuse to listen to that theme music again, and now it’s bumping merrily along in my brainpan  Yes and yay, another episode of SWEET TARTS TAKEAWAY for some good eatin’:

It’s a short eppy even by Sweet-Tarty standards, but very much a gooder.  Even IF lovely Kel Parsons is only in it for a short stint (a little of the divine Miss Kel goes a long way).  Following on the heels of last ep’s sex-shop adventure, our heroines have to stash their repo’d toys somewhere when Bob (Riley Stewart) is nowhere to be found.  Sue (Kate Drummond) agrees to keep the goods at her place, when of course her ex Dan (Jerome Bourgault) makes a surprise appearance.

Kate and Jerome have a lovely scene together, and bring the series nicely down to Earth after last ep’s shenanigans (not that I don’t love shenanigans, but the balance is very nice is all).  Their relationship is quite delightful to watch, in all its strained and awkward glory.  Once again, plenty of fodder for the future is being laid out in tasty little morsels.  Will Sue go see the Wayward Moose gig?  Will Dan be able to wrap his head around the staggering amount of vibrators now in Sue’s possession?  And will Janis investigate the notion of ‘unrealistically large’ further?  Stay tuned!

Peace, love and soul, Sweet Tarts,

the Visitor (and Winston)

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