Sweet Tarts Takeaway: Episode Phantom Menace

Back again, after an interminable fifteen-minute absence, because it’s Valentine’s Day and I just can’t get enough of your pretty face, internet!  But mostly, because of this:

Yes, Ottawa and the world, today is the premiere of our homegrown new webseries SWEET TARTS TAKEAWAY.   Starring the legendary Kel Parsons and Kate Drummond as Janis and Sue, two would-be caterers who we walk in on as they’re trying to reclaim their repossessed van (which they were a TAD behind in the payments on).  Enter Bob (Riley Stewart, gleefully sleazy as well as the composer of the catchy STT theme music), a repo man who could use a couple of down-on-their-luck gals like our heroines to do some dirty work for him.

I’ve been hearing about this new venture for a while, mostly while following Kel Parsons on Twitter (yeah, I’ve gotten sucked into Twitter, don’t rub it in), and was happy to finally catch the debut.  It’s microbudget, DIY, and pretty damn fun.  There’s a good laugh or three in the short debut episode, especially as the Tarts make their repo debut at a health club stalking a suspicious woman and her expensive necklace.  I’d been familiar with Kel mostly from her two stints in the Fringe BEER TENT shows (fingers crossed I get name-dropped in the next installment!), but hadn’t seen Kate Drummond before.  Happy to say she makes a wonderful counterpoint to Kel.

The Ottawa 2011 version of this, basically.

There’s a lot to look forward to in this promising series…as I said, we sort of come in in the middle of things, so backstory aplenty is there for the getting into.  And I hear/read that Jerome Bourgault is upcoming in the cast, and that’s plenty fine, too.  So, thumbs up to good fun on the internet, and I do indeed look forward to the next episode.  Oh, and there’s recipes on the website, too, for those of you who want to taste what you see.  Nice touch indeed.

That’s it for me this Valentino Day…I’m off to watch some Pertwee WHO and drink whiskey, as is my tradition.  In the meantime (what’s so mean about it..?) be good to yourselves, and enjoy some peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston, god of love)

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