Coming Up in Jan 2011

So, New Year!  Yippity whoop-dee-doo and all that razzamtazz.  Who knows whether this calender change will bring with it a sense of renewal, new hope, fulfilled dreams, or just the same old shit sandwich you regularly get for friday lunch at the plant.  The only real question that matters is this:  do we finally get some new god-damned theatre to see?  Because I’m bored off my tits.  And the answer is happily yes, so, here’s a glance at what’s coming up in the first month of the new year:

First off, the gang at CRUSH IMPROV have scored a sweet regular spot at the Elmdale tavern, which I can confirm is a great place to see comedy.  They play the first monday of every month starting with the 3rd this January.  Hope to see you all there!
Also wanna see some peeps at the NAC 4th stage on the 5th for the Company of Fools TWELFTH NIGHT CELEBRATION FUNDRAISER.  Promises to be a good time from fun-lovin fools, and a mere twenty bucks.  Get your ticket quick!

January 4th-22nd, the Ottawa Little Theatre debuts TRYING by Joanna Grass, so get on out for some community courtroom drama.

Over at the GCTC starting on the 25th and running into February comes STRAWBERRIES IN JANUARY.  Romantic comedy goodness to cure yer blahs, you cynical swine.

And the biggest news of the month is UNDERCURRENTS finally getting underway, running the last week of January and the first week of February in the GCTC studio.  Playing 4 times apiece this month will be BIFURCATE ME, HARD WAYS, and Fringe legend SHADOWS.  A serious do not miss lineup, kids.


…shit, is that all?  I must have missed SOMEthing.  Heads ups are always appreciated, folks.  In the meantime, happy new year and all that, and enjoy your evening.  Me and Winston are staying in to finish up the first season of LOST.  Pretty good…I think I’ve almost figured out which one is Gilligan (it’s either Charlie or Hurley, for sure).  Peace, love and soul,

The Visitor (and Winston)


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