Crush Smash!

I’m stuck in an annoying stretch of zero-time at the moment, with something like four whole days sans new theatre to check out (unless someone has any hot tips..?).  If I hadn’t subbed in for an extra volunteer shift for VIMY (review may actually be coming soon now) on Saturday,  it woulda been even longer.

So, with naught else to keep me out of trouble, I thought I’d devote a quick post to some fine folks I’ve caught in action twice this past month, at the venerable Elmdale Tavern in Mechanicsville, and frankly, shame on me for not getting around to this sooner.  I speak naturally of Ottawa’s own CRUSH IMPROV troupe, and the good works they do.  Of course, I’ve mentioned once before on this chud that I traditionally have not been a big Improv fan…but I gave these lasses and lads a shot a few months back at MY SUMMER CRUSH IMPROV for the Arts Court ‘Summer fling’ series, and was duly impressed.  When I heard they were going to be popping up at the Elmdale with a new twist, I was all over that like green on Hulk.

Sorry, it just felt like a while since my last comic book reference.

The gang had two Elmdale performances, both under their new, booze inspired ‘BOUT TIME banner…two competing teams of Improvers going head to head, in various games and scenes, with an emcee calling the shots and the audience deciding the winners.  Sounded like fun, and guess what…it was!  Al Connors and Brad MacNeil provided MC duties in turn, each participating in the onstage action when they weren’t calling the shots.  The format broke down into one half of short, challenge/game-based scenes, followed by a 2nd half of each team doing one long scene.  I admit, I prefer the shorter bits…I really dig the various games, and kinda hope I get a chance to try some of’em out one day.  The alphabet, blind dubbing…check out their website (linked above) for the round of Questions that knocked everyone’s socks off a few week back.  I SO wanna do that with my class sometime.

There was a dynamite lineup for both shows…Ken ‘the God’ Godmere, Cari Leslie, Tim Anderson, Dan Lajoie, Jeff Lawson, Richard Gelinas, Averie MacDonald, Joel Garrow, Drew McFadyen, Jordan Moffat, and the aforementioned Al and Brad.  Messr.MacNeil makes a particularly acerbic and high-sterical host, heckling Tim’s questionable counting skills, and uttering one of my fav’rit lines of the whole run, “I want to see a scene called ‘Less Racist’.”  You had to be there.

But if you WEREN’T, there’s still hope for your withered soul, because Crush returns on December 3rd and 4th at the Gladstone Theatre (not dead yet!) for their 3rd Anniversary Special!   Featuring special guests UNCALLED FOR, SEX-T-REX and more, and at a mere ten smackeroos, it’s gonna be a good time.  Okay, no pickled eggs, but it’s too late now to whine about missing the Elmdale shows, sucker.  Just take what you can get and be thankful.  And if you find me, half-drunk and giddy after the show, feel free to challenge me to a round of Questions.  Seriously, I’ve been DYING to try it.  Peace, love and soul, you lot,

The Visitor (and Winston)


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