Coming Up in Nov 2010

Another month, another month of goodstuff coming your way. Me and Winston (stretching out at the moment on the desk beside me, leaving me mercifully free to type for a few minutes) are gonna give you the goods on what’s on.  Dig?

Right, first there’s last month’s shows that are still finishing up their runs…the Ottawa Little Theatre will be playing HONEYMOON AT GRAVESIDE MANOR until the 6th, ROMEO AND JULIET continues at the NAC until the 6th as well, and the wicked TURN OF THE SCREW keeps on haunting Laurier House until the 7th.  And over at the Cube Gallery, John Koensgen’s ST.NICHOLAS one-manner keeps on putting critics in their place, also until the 6th.

New stuff!! Ye olde GCTC has a big’un cooking up, a joint production with the NAC called VIMY.  Their initial run has already been extended by a week, because something like 135% of tickets were sold out two days before going on sale, so you might want to get all over that bizness.  I’m personally going to be volunteering for at least three performances, and the show runs all month long starting on the 9th (and shoutout to MiCasa’s Nick DiGaetano, who’ll be part of the onstage gang tearing it up.  Woohoo!).

The Gladstone Theatre (not dead yet!) has the tantalizingly titled I running from the 17th-27th, and stars powerhouse Emmanuelle Zeesman and a cast of….well, lots, I’m led to understand.  Very much looking forward to this one.

More!  Centrepointe Theatre hosts the Orpheus Musical Theatre‘s season debut, ANNIE. High-spirited musical hijinks about soul-crushing poverty…who can resist?  That goes from the 12th -21st.  And over at my current digs at the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama, New Ottawa Repertory Theatre has Paul Dervis’ GRECIAN FORMULA from the 5th -14th.  And then there’s RED NOSES from the gang at Ottawa University, playing from the 2nd-6th only at Academic hall (yay, Fringe venue!).  Danielle Savoie from THE DEATH OF TYBALT is in it, so you already know it’s gonna be awesome.  They even have a DiGaetano!  They’re everywhere!

What else, what else…Ho!  The good folks at TotoToo have MARTIN YESTERDAY playing at Arts Court for a short run from the 17th-20th.  And Carleton U’s Sock’nBuskin troupe gets their season going with SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOUR, from the 18-20, and 25-17.  That plays…umm, somewhere on Carleton campus, I suppose.  They kind of leave that information off the website, so I suppose the thrill of the hunt is all part of the experience!  Go Ravens!  Or wait, are they ravens or GeeGee’s..?  Goddammit…

Still hungry for more? Have a spare day in your calendar?  Try THE TAMING OF THE SHREW by the Kanata Theatre company, playing from the 9th-13th and 16th-20th at the on Maslin Playhouse.  Or the two night only (and intriguing sounding) EONNAGATA at the NAC’s Southam Hall on the 12th and 13th.  And for some high-end, Broadway type action, the NAC also has the musical classic FIDDLER ON THE ROOF from the 23rd-28th.

And to finish off, back where we started at the OLT, their latest INSPECTING CAROL gets underway on the 30th, going until the 18th of December.  So, there.  Don’t say you don’t have shit to see this month.  And if there’s something I misses (and I know there is) give me a shout, or a yell, or drop a bomb on me or something.  Eventually I’ll notice.  Now peace, love and soul to y’all, I’m off to practice my mime, get drunk, and watch the premiere of THE WALKING DEAD.  Be cool to one another,

The Visitor (and Winston)


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