Coming up in September 2010

I wasn’t going to bother with this as I’d already missed mentioning the now-passed KILT, but…shit, there’s lots going on this month andI want something to keep it all straight in MY head, if no one elses.  I suppose it makes sense, as most everyone’s 2010-2011 seasons are kicking off this month.  Towit…

Over at the Great Canadian Theatre Company (where I’ll be starting my volunteering duties this month), their season kicks off with THE LIST on the 14th, and running the whole month in the Oiving Greenboig Theatre.  Same day upstairs at the Studio sees Third Wall kick off with BLACKBIRD, running til the 26th.

The good old Ottawa Little Theatre debuts their third or fourth millenium in town with CROSSING DELANCEY, also on the 14th and running all month.  On the 16th, Gladstone Theatre gets into it wth A FLEA IN HER EAR (featuring gentleman blogger Tim Oberholzer, dont’cha know).

On the 25th there’s a cool sounding one-night-only show at the NAC’s 4th Stage…GRIEVOUS ANGEL: THE LEGEND OF GRAM PARSONS.   A ‘theatrical concert’ that sounds lke a good nite out to me.  And from the 15-25th, Arts Court theatre hosts SOMEONE FOR EVERYONE, directed by Fringe ninja Pat Gauthier, and featuring Goddess of the Beer Tent Cat Leger.  A must-see according to me.

That is all I got figured out for this month.  There’s probably Ottawa Valley stuff I’ve missed, as I don’t drive and get cranky thinking about doable shows I’m gonna miss anyways.  So lets just keep it at this, and now I’m off to try and find something ELSE pointless to while away the hours.  Don’t put beans in your ear,

The Visitor

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, kind sir. I hope you enjoy the show. So many interesting shows going up this month, you can bet I’ll be living vicariously through your reviews, as my involvement in Flea’s going to limit my ability to get out to see all the other cool stuff I want to get out and see this month.

    Fantastic blog, my friend. Keep up the good work!


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