Just got home from volunteer orientation day at the GCTC.  And may I say, it was SO COOL!!  Seein’ backstage?  The prop room, and control booths and shit?  Fucking SWEET!  And everyone is pretty fantastic there, no word of a lie.  I’m stoked for my first shift, whenever that is, and for the dress of THE LIST in a couple weeks.  The concept they have for the set and stage is pretty god-damned awesome. 

I’ll just have to make sure to see every show before I volunteer for it…otherwise there’s no way I’m going to be paying attention to the crowd (like I’m very much supposed to be) during the performances.

I notice I’m suddenly getting all too very much involved with this thing called ‘theatre’, that I didn’t know existed three years ago.  Life, you be taking me on some exciting hairpin turns these days…

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