So I was supposed to do a post-SUMMERWORKS wrap-up post, once I got back to Ottawa…you know, a reflective look back kinda thing, maybe a top-5 list or something along those lines.  And then,since getting back, I’ve also seen SWIMMING IN THE SHALLOWS by the gang at Arts Court, and should probably have posted a review of that, too.  Instead, I’ve gone on what is so far the longest hiatus thus far on this still relatively new blog.

To anyone who reads this, sorry about that.  Real life just sorta sucks sometimes, and it’s been sucking the drive right out of me this past week since touching base in my hometown.  And what the song says is bang-on…breaking up IS hard to do.  Like, fucking hard.  And blogging is hard to do for me right now, on account of that.

So more on SWIMMING IN THE SHALLOWS later on, which won’t do it one lick of good as it finishes its run on the 22nd…so why don’t you just go see it yourself instead, because you’ll probably really like it.  It’s good stuff with a great cast.  See INSEPERABLE and THEY ALL DO IT, too, while you’re at it.  I bet they’re great as well.  See ’em with someone you love.  Have a great night out.  And try not to fuck it up like SOME bloggers you know, okay?

I’m off to drink the gloom away, like the tired male cliche I’ve just discovered I am.  Be back later, promise, with a very late look back at my theatrical roadtrip, some SHALLOWS observations, and maybe I’ll even make it out to Strathcona for Odyssey’s offering.  We’ll see. Your little pal,

the Visitor

PS: Oh, and I’d wanted to shoutout to the Calgary Fringe, for being so good to some of my folks…Gemma Wilcox won Best in Fest, Cameryn Moore sold out (the good kind), Ben Meuser and Elisabeth Shue Jr. got killer reviews for LAST GODDAMNED PERFORMANCE PIECE…all nice to hear.  And remember, only ten months til’ Ottawa Fringe rolls around once again…see, there’s always SOMEthing to look forward to.  Peace.

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