Coming up in August

Strange thoughts tonite, but more on that never.  There’s a whole new thing, and it’s called a month, and as such there’s new theatre goings-on to exclaim about.  Or, rather there would be if there were.  But really, it’s a slim picking month, from my limited vantage point.

-Thank goodness for SUMMER FLING, or it’d be damn near hopeless, but there IS that Fling-Thing.  Which means we get SWIMMING IN THE SHALLOWS (Bradshaw, MacDonald, Gelinas..?  That’s a homerun right there, folks) and INSEPERABLE (French-Canadian awesomeness!) from 10-22 and 12-22,respectively, at Arts Court (tix about 25 bucks apiece).  Not to mention SATIN DOLLS (which I just did), a pretty swank sounding musical revue, also at the Court on the 6th and 7th.  Tickets for that one are a slightly more dear $65, but as I understand it, there WILL be snacks.

-Still with the Fling, Ottawa Little Theatre has TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE (tickets$24) from the 4th-7th, ironically enough never actually playing on a Tuesday.  And on the 7th, Salamander Shakespeare will be doing a free, out-of-doors version of ROMEO AND JULIET at the Underpass outside Rideau Centre, for the fabulous price of FREE, at 3 pm.  Good times, kids.

-and Odyssey Theatre is taking over Strathcona park from tuesdays thru sundays this month, in a maneuver involving supercool masks, with THEY ALL DO IT.  How could you resist that title??  Only $24, so do it already.
-and, if any of you reading this are or will be in Toronto, look me up at the SUMMERWORKS FESTIVAL, where I’m doing the whole busman’s holiday thing from the 5-12th this month (tho the festival continues a few days past that), and will be daily blogging about those shows from whatever internet cafe I can find in Toronto that takes dazzling wit and charm as payment.

I get the feeling I must be missing some local stuff on this list so give me a shout if there’s anything I didn’t spot (or confirm…Wayne, is there a date yet..?).  And on that note, there’s SO MUCH STUFF coming up!  Aside from the places I’ve already frequented…GCTC’s lineup next season looks SOO GOOD, and I like how the Gladstone’s starting out, too…the NAC has a bunch I’m gonna need to see, and Third Wall has a killer bee lineup planned as well.  Plus there’s the Undercurents fest in Jan-Feb, plus the news that MAGNETIC NORTH returns to Ottawa next year.  I find myself wondering if there’s any chance I can get popular enough at this that people start giving me free tickets to shit in the next few months. It could happen..!  But whatever.  At least my money’s going to a good cause, right?  Later,

The Visitor

PS  I’m doing some good!  I convinced a girl at work to go see MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM with a friend earlier this week , and they both loved it!  Yay me!

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