Breaking Down the Windsor Fringe

As we enter the third sphere on the Visitorian calendar, I have to ask myself…why am I updating so much??  Okay, I’m glad I’m writing, but there are other things I should probably be writing MORE (I haven’t forgotten about you, Becky Sue..!).  Oh well.  At least this keep me from watching too much teevee, or commiting gravity-based supercrimes.

It SOUNDS wicked, but they make you wear THIS. Balls.

 So what’s new?  Well, a few days ago I wrote a post pimping a few shows up and coming to the WINNIPEG FRINGE FESTIVAL.  It was a slightly large undertaking, as the WFF is freaking enormous.  If Fringes were dogs, the Bull Mastiff that is Winnipeg could crush the poor, underfed Ottawa Shihtzu with a scant few bites (tho we’d go down fighting!)  I even forgot to give a shoutout to the rapid-fire comedic gem DALE BEANER AND THE TURTLE BOY, which you Winnipeggies should all be sure and see.

 So something a little more manageable in the offing?  Ah, yes indeedy…and starting soon, from the 16th-25th of July no less.  I speak of the smaller in stature, but definitely awesome (it IS a Fringe, after all) WINDSOR FRINGE FESTIVAL.  I actually only have seen two of the shows they have lined up, so let’s speak of them and convince you to check them out, shall we?

The first show is ART DEXO, a performance dance piece by NY based dance outfit DEXDANCE.  Now admittedly, I knew nothing about modern dance when I wandered into their opening show at the Ottawa Fringe, besides that one date I had with a breakdancer a couple years ago, and I really still don’t, but I know I enjoyed that show quite a bit.  A whole made up of several smaller parts, some using all four members of the gang, a few duets, and one totally solo piece starring group founder Kristin Dexnis (a soundly stunning solo piece, I can add, and the one that quickly sold me on the show).  The troupe incorporates different styles of music into the performance, most of which are pretty groovy…

Might I humbly suggest some DEX-y's Midnight Runners next time 'round?

…as well as spoken word, costumes, a few trippy props that come along in an all-out final ensemble piece that rocks…it’s a really good time of a show, and I still feel a little bad that they weren’t more succesful here in Ottawa.  We’re a government town, please don’t hold it against us!  Also?  Kristin gave me some awesome poutine on the final day of the Fringe, thus safely securing her spot on my secret Fringe-crush list of 2010 (come on, everyone had a list..!). 

On to the second show I can safely and happily recommend, and that’s BREAKING DOWN IN AMERICA by gentleman journeyman Pat Devine.  Pat is a writer/performer outta the US of A who spent 500 bones on a dodgy but gorgeous old Cadillac, who is christened with the sexy moniker TinaSeville (one word) as he sets out to try and cross the country in this vintage jalopy, clashing the inherent personality of the car with those of the people and places he encounters in his travels.  It’s a true story, and Pat recounts it with easy charm and a carefully colected montage of video, music  and slides from the voyage.  I had a blast listening to the tale of the tape as Pat and TinaSeville chugged from one small town to the next, detailing breakdowns, triumphs, run-ins with the law and other truly American weirdos, in this humble, modern-day multimedia ON THE ROAD.  Kind of a sleeper Fringe hit, I can happily tell ya to give this one a try.  It’s worth it.

…Ahh, that’s more like it!  It’s nice to actually have the time and space to TALK about the shows, isn’t it?  Thanks for being a reasonable size, Windsor Fringe, and have a grand Fest.  Some of the other shows there sound pretty faboo,too…THE MAN WHO FELL IN LOVE WITH A TUBA, SHAVIREZ – GYPSY OF THE SEA, and one I sadly missed in Ottawa, LOVE AND HATE IN THE POSTMODERN AGE.  Someone see that one for me, willya?  I’d appreciate it.

That’s it for me tonite…rest up, all those who are finishing with the Toronto Fringe right now, you gots my luv.  Next up for me in O-town is some MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM in the park next chance I get, and EDUCATING RITA starting this Wednesday at Arts Court.  Oh yeah, and Wayne told me he’s got a new show coming in a few months, remind me I gotta bug him for more details on that.  Until then, keep calm and carry on,

The Visitor

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