the Sheep has Landed

So I have a blog now.  It’s only because I saw someone else do it, and I’m a total sheep.  If sheep blogged.  Which, let’s face it, would make sheep just a little bit more awesome than they are right now.

Cute, yes. Awesome, no.

But why this blog?  Having already soundly failed at livejournal, myspace AND facebook, did I need another challenge?  Apparently yes.   And what is this blog (I hate that word, by the way, and shall henceforth substitute the superior word CHUD whenever it comes up) going to be about..?

…well, theatre, mostly, and no I am NOT gay, although I appreciate your concern for my personal life.  It’s just that, two years ago I wandered into the Ottawa Fringe Festival on a lark, and fell madly in love.  The Fringe, for those of you not in the know, is a collection of theatrical festivals across North America and parts of Europe (I think…it’s late, I’m drunk, and I’m not doing research for this) showcasing small-scale theatre troupes in a non-juried multi-show format.  Translation: it’s wicked awesome.  Jem Rolls thinks the Canadian Fringe is the best around, and if your name were Jem Rolls, you’d be much cooler than you are right now.

Pictured: a better man than you.

So anyway, it turns out I love theatre, my only previous experience having been an acting class component in college, and a stint as Injun Joe’s friend ‘Pard’ in a public school production of Tom Sawyer.  I was originally cast as Injun Joe, but was later demoted because the teacher thought I ‘lacked anger’.   In perfectly adult  retaliation, I now hope for that teacher to get the kind of cancer that kicks your children to death in front of you before going to work on your internal organs.

Still, thanks for the opportunity to entertain.

Back to the topic.  After my first FringeFest two years ago, my theatricality lay dormant for a year until the ’09 Fringe.  After that one, I started actually seeing ‘real’ theatre (translation: the shit they charge you real money for), and I’m even due for a couple of those in the next few weeks, before the latest Fringe starts up.  Which is why I’m really starting this Chud…to talk about theatre.  Mainly Fringe, which to me IS theatre, but the other stuff too…you know, the ones with sets and other cheats.

The thing is, after both of those Fests, I looked seriously into things like acting classes, theatre courses and what not, because I was that excited.  I’ve got plays half-written (okay, barely started), plays half-READ,   and all sorts of other pipe-dreamy inaction going on.  There’s a huge part of me that doesn’t want to just be a spectator anymore, but isn’t doing a goddam thing about it. Like, seriously, nothing.

but...but I've got a blog, now..!

So what’s next?  What happens after THIS Fringe?  More empty dreams of getting ON that stage, instead of just watching it?  Although I AM being interviewed for potential volunteer status at the Great Canadian Theatre Company for their 2010-11 season this weekend, and I’ll let you know how THAT goes.  I guess I just wanna be a part of it, which is probably even lamer than it sounds.    Unless you’re a theatre geek like me.  ARE there theatre geeks like me?

Whatever.  I thinking I’m out of fuel for this opening Chud, and it’s been a pleasure (will be an even bigger pleasure if anyone actually reads this).  I’ll be back later on with blather about the opening show of HEROES at the GCTC and my yearlong stalking of AIRPORT SECURITY.  Because really, the sheep picture can only take me so far.

This far.

So long, and thanks for all the sheep,

The Visitor


    • I do indeed promise this! Even got me a new play to see this weekend, that I may yammer ignorantly about it shortly afterwards. And thanks muchly for the kind words.

    • Thanks! And I finaly remember that I’ve actually met you a few times, with my girlfriend Janita…last time was at the SAW for the Gruppo Rubato thing. lookin’ forward to the PD!
      (my actual name is Kevin, by the by, if this ‘the Visitor’ thing is not helping anyone at all…)

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