Team Visitorium

This is the page to check out all your TEAM VISITORIUM update action!  Bios on all the team members, plus links to all of their (and probably, my own) 2012 Ottawa Fringe reviews will be located here, so you can be all lazy and stuff and not look around for things (because that’s HARD!) :

Amanda Klaman is thrilled to be a part of Team Visitorium’s review squad (mainly because it gives her a chance to display her unparalleled skills as an insufferable know-it-all). She has acted in 5 previous Ottawa Fringe Festivals, including roles as the Pirate Captain in The Parrot Monologues and as Princess Amanda Superman in 2011’s Pick Your Path. The Fringe Festival is her favourite Ottawa festival next to the combination Hope Volleyball/Dragonboat festival she created in her mind. She can be found drinking watered down sangria and pressing F5 on her twitter feed @Klamanator

Click for Amanda’s Reviews!  – I’m not Crying in the Bathroom, I’m Crying in the Supply Closet; Little Lady; Fear Factor: Canine Edition, Kuwaiti Moonshine, Ex Cathedra

  Grace Gordon is a recent graduate of the Dawson College Professional Theatre program in Montreal, where she has played such roles as Portia in The Merchant of Venice, Masha in Three Sisters, and Jackie in Noel Coward’s Hay Fever. Last summer she appeared in Ottawa parks playing Desdemona in Salamander Shakespeare Co.’s Othello. As a self-proclaimed ‘Art Snob’ she is excited to share her large opinions with Fringe goers and blog perusers alike!

Click for Grace’s Reviews!  Crux; The Boy and the Girl and the Secrets they Shared; Hip-Hop Shakespeare Live Music videos; What Happens Now?


  Fiona Currie is a member of Plosive Productions, part of the team running The Gladstone theatre. You won’t see her on stage, though, since she is a committed techie, working behind the scenes on things like websites, ticketing systems, social media and even helping to build sets. Over the years, Fiona has worked with several theatre companies around Ottawa doing stage management, sound design, props, graphic design and has even made jewellery and prosthetic body parts. By day, Fiona is a Broadcast and New Media Specialist at Parks Canada. She also worked for close to a decade at the Canadian Museum of Nature. She can identify nearly as many dinosaurs as a three-year-old; she can sometimes find her desk surface under all the cables; and she has stood on the closest point of land to the North Pole.

Click for Fiona’s Reviews!  Heterollectual: Love and Other Dumb Ideas; Trashman’s Dilemma; It Is What It Is; The Roommate; Dirk Darrow NCSSI; Breaking Rank! ; Wanderlust; Ne me Quitte pas, Piaf and Brel: the Impossible Concert; the Suicide


 Kiersten Hanly has been living under this alias for some 20 odd years. During this time she graduated from the University of Ottawa with Honour Specialization in Theatre. Recent performance credits include; Conversations with Stranger at the first ever SubDevision 2012, And Then It Happens at Undercurrents 2012 and The Lab, a performance installation at Wakefest 2011 and Undercurrents 2011. All works of collective creation by the budding theatre company Two Little Birds. Having two Ottawa Fringe Festival performances under her belt, the time has come to reveal the secret agent reviewer from within (insert false writing credits and awards here). NOTE: Also part of the no pants club.

Click for Kiersten’s Reviews! Leftovers; Late Night Cabaret; Wolves>Boys; Vernus Says SURPRISE!


  Danielle Savoie once punched a shark so hard it travelled through time.  She doesn’t believe in writing bios, and foolishly agreed to let Kevin write this one for her.  Danielle Savoie is more Danielle Savoie than you’ll EVER be.  Danielle Savoie is in ‘TIS PITY SHE’S A WHORE at this year’s Ottawa Fringe, along with Special Agent Grace Gordon, which are two good reasons to see that show.

Click for Danielle’s Reviews!  A Report to an Academy; Donkey Derby; Space Mystery…from Outerspace!, Little Orange Man




  Nadine Thornhill is a sexual health educator, a playwright, poet, burlesque performer, partner and parent living in Ottawa, Ontario. She enjoys candy, fashion and dreck television. She does not care for pants.  Her website: ADORKABLE UNDIES

Click for Nadine’s Reviews!  Heterrollectual; 2020; Dead Wrong; Little Lady; Vernus Says Surprise!

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