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Where am I now?

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Well, long time no bloggery. This lack of reviewing anymore certainly makes for a dull Visitorium…thanks to whoever out there is still taking the odd peek at this musty relic of a website every now and again. Thought maybe I’d dust it off mid-month for a few updates on what I’m up to, now that I’ve hung up my snappy reviewer’s hat (even IF Jamie Portman almost forced me to put it back on again, for the good of all, but that’s another post).

When last you saw me...

When last you saw me…

My theatre life has been mostly quiet post-Fringe…some cooldown and reflection after the adventure that was Hannah & George was indeed needed, though, I realize that now…so it’s probably for the best that I didn’t leap back into a production or other straightaway. That being said, after a couple months of inactivity I was getting as rusty as the cutlery on the Titanic and it was time to start flexing my actorly musculature again. But…where?

A 2-week clown and bouffon intensive I’d signed up for in Toronto went away in a puff of smoke, which was a bummer. Luckily, that freed me up to finally sign up for a course or two at Ottawa’s Acting Company, something I’ve meant to do for a while now. I’m currently 2 weeks into an 8-week Longform Improv course there, with Crush Improv’s Tim Anderson running the show. I took a ton of Improv workshops with Crush in years past, but it’s been long enough since that improv once again terrifies me. Which is exactly the dumb reason I signed up. So far so good, even if I’m still trying not to think about the showcase performance at the end of the course. Gulp. And following that, it looks like I’m diving right into Brad Long’s Acting Shakespeare course, which I’m really looking forward to. Check out their website to see if there’s anything that strikes your own fancy.

Along the way, I’ll be getting wild at Andy Massingham’s series of weekend workshops at Arts Court, the Acting Animal…and knowing Andy as I do, I know that there’s no logical way to prepare for whatever he’s gonna throw our way. Hoping to see some cool new and familiar faces getting pushed outside their comfort zones with me at these.  Get more info from the workshops link at

Still no new performance bizness on the calendar, but I am trying to force myself to prep a new Foofarah Live! Party or this December…and if anyone out there would be interested in participating in a low-key, fun-filled evening of rapid-fire tapas-style theatre fun, let me know! The last one in June 2014 was one of the better evenings of my life, and I can’t wait to do it again someday.



And then there’s real life, which is…better than ever. After years and years of very stubborn dumbness, I’m in a really amazing relationship with a wonderful girl I’ve known for several years, and I honestly haven’t been happier in a long, long time.  I hope to see a ton of new theatre with her as the new seasons ramp up (and as I indulge in my Fringe raffle prize pack of FREE THEATRE FOR A YEAR, thank you very much) as well as embark on a ton of brand new adventures. See you all out there, and yes, I’ll try and keep this thing updated a little more often. 🙂  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid (and Winston)

Coming Up in September 2015

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September! Back to school for you student-types (I myself will be starting my third, albeit imaginary, year at the OTS any day now), but more importantly it’s back to the Theatre as new seasons start getting off the ground!  Check out the list…

PrintTHE NORMAN CONQUESTS from Plosive and Seven Thirty, at the Gladstone. A tryptich of British farce with an all-star cast and John P,Kelly at the helm. Part one, TABLE MANNERS is already underway. The next chapter, LIVING TOGETHER, arrives on the 11th. Part three, ROUND AND ROUND THE GARDEN comes along on the 25th. All three play until October 10th. See one, or see’em all! On second thought, just see’em all.

© Marc J Chalifoux Photography, 2013.

© Marc J Chalifoux Photography, 2013.

SANSEI THE STORYTELLER at Arts Court Studio. Solo storytelling from Mark Ikeda with his Fringe hit, part of the Ottawa Storytellers (un)Told series! On the 9th.

pairedYOU DIDN’T ASK TO BE HERE and DONKEY DERBY at the Avalon. A double bill of one-woman gems, featuring the terribly talented Megan Carty and Tess McManus! From the 11th to 13th.

GENEROUS at the GCTC. The new season kicks off with a new political potboiler for your edification. From the 15th to 27th.

Blithe-SpiritBLITHE SPIRIT at the Ottawa Little Theatre. Don’t be a coward, see some Coward! From the 15th to October 3rd.

40004000 MILES at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, from Kanata Theatre. A cross-country journey, live on stage. From the 15th to 26th.

LIKE DREAMING BACKWARD at Studio Leonard-Beaulne. The 24th to 26th.

CROSSROADS at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum (outdoors), from Vintage Stock Theatre. The 25th to Oct 3rd.

BARBER OF SEVILLE at Southam Hall, from Opera Lyra. Finally, the worlds of opera and haircutting united as one! The 26th, 28th, 30th and Oct 3rd.

CROSSROADS at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum (outside), from Vintage Stock Theatre. The 25th and 26th as well as Oct 2nd and 3rd.

GAME OF BONES at the Velvet Room, from Eddie May Mysteries. Every Saturday night, the popular dinner theatre inspired by the hit fantasy teevee show THE CHARMINGS, or something.

TACTICS LAUNCH PARTY at Arts Court, on the 7th. Find out who’s doing what in the 2015-2016 sophomore season!

FRESH MEAT LAUNCH PARTY at the House of Common (115 Fairmont) on the 18th. A swinging party to announce the lineup of the 4th Fresh Meat…you won’t believe how fresh it gets!

PRIX RIDEAU AWARDS at Maison de la Citoyen, on the 27th. People dress nice and win things! There’s usually food. It’s fun and stuff.


A QUOI CE SERT D’ETRE BRILLANT SI L’ECLAIRES PERSONNES at the NAC Studio. A mouthful to kick off the NAC French season! The 25th and 26th.

ZONES THEATRALES at various locations, from ll sorts of great companies.  Plenty to see and do at this years event of Franco-theatre.  I’ll try and break it down by venue…

AMERICAN DREAM.CA from Theatre la Tangente (14-15) and ETAT VERTICAL from Creations in Vivo (18-19) at the NAC studio.

LE 3 MOUSEQUETAIRES PLOMBERIE from Satellite Theare and Theatre Populaire D’Acadie (15-16) and PETITES BUCHES from Theatre de la Vielle 17 (18-19) at L’Ecole de la Salle.

UNE NEURINOME SUE UNE BALANCOIRE from Theatre de Nouvel-Ontario(15-16) and #PIGEONSAFFAMES from Theatre du Trillium (18-19) at Academic Hall.

TRICYCLE from Sages Fous (16-17) at Salle des Fetes, Maison de la Citoyen.

BARBECUE from Vague de Cirque (16-19) at the Museum of History.

SANS PAYS from Theatre du Tandem(17-18) at Salle Jean Desprez, Maison de la Citoyen.

More to come!  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid (and Winston)