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Monday Foofarah! – Monday, April 20th 2015

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Happy 4/20 everyone! Go drink 4 coffees and eat 20 donuts (that’s the deal with today, right?)

It should be.

It should be.

APED: So the crazy run of an even crazier play has ended at last, as Chamber Theatre Hintonburg‘s production of Eugene O’Neill’s classic THE HAIRY APE, a play I am now very, very much in love with and plan to revisit someday, has wrapped at the Carleton Tavern this past Saturday. We had some good houses, a few small ones, a few packed ones, and gave our all every time. I can’t thank Lisa and Donnie enough for letting me tag along and take this incredible plunge into ensemble, expressionist acting…it’s already hard to imagine just playing to an audience in a classic, proscenium stage. Working the room at the Carleton is such a brilliant, unique experience in theatre, and such a huge part of why I adore Chamber Theatre as a company. Nobody else is taking the chances they’re taking, and it’s gonna be hard not to jump at another opportunity if it comes along. We shall see, as the reading for their next proposed production is coming up in a week and I will happily be at the table for it.

It's got its work cut out for it if it wants to be as fun as this, though.

It’s got its work cut out for it if it wants to be as fun as this, though.

As for the Ape, it will be hard to let it, and my beloved ensemble (Madeleine, Rebecca, Darren, Brent, Laura, Jed, Donnie, Matt, Louis, and Auntie Ellen, plus our crew Lisa, Alain, Glen, Donna, Kristen, Carole and Lesley) go…post-show blues are always hard, something even a raw rookie like me is starting to understand. So to Hell with it, let’s take one last shot at it! Yes, it is officially official…THE HAIRY APE will be unleashed a month today in the Glebe at the legendary Irene’s Pub for a special one night performance, the first ever theatrical production at that venue (we already popped the Blacksheep Inn’s cherry at the start of our run, seems fitting to end it in similar fashion). Looks like I have one more filth shower in my future, and I couldn’t be happier. Well okay, I could, if all of you who sadly missed our Carleton run would do yourselves a favour and come on down to check out one of the funnest and most exciting pieces of theatre this year!

#2FARAH: So in a scant two months, my newest co-creation with my brilliant collaborators (Madeleine Hall, Jodi Morden, and Rebecca Laviolette) at STRANGE VISITATIONS will hit the boards of Studio Leonard-Beaulne for its world premiere at the Ottawa Fringe Festival. This hourlong show, HANNAH & GEORGE, will (hopefully) be a fast-paced, high energy clown love-story and magical adventure-comedy, a childrens show aimed at entertaining kids of ALL ages and winning over even the hardest of hearts. How to celebrate its arrival? The only way you celebrate anything…with Foofarah, of course!


Yes, it’s that time of year again, as I can now officially announce the upcoming second annual FOOFARAH LIVE! At the Clocktower Brewpub on Bank Street this Monday June the 1st. Consider this my first feeling out to ask for anyone interested in contributing to the evenings entertainment…as per last year, the show will consist of a cabaret-style collection of pieces, anywhere from a minute in length to over 20. Details to follow, but if you’d be interested at all in taking part, send me an e-mail at and let me know! I should stress, this event WILL be, in part, a fundraiser for myself and Strange Visitations on our road to Fringe, so any contributions on your part will be very gratefully voluntary…but if you have an upcoming show as well and would like to give audiences an early taste of it, this is a good (and fun) place to do it! Or if you just have a short bit of fun that doesn’t fit anywhere else, give me a shout! Last year was a blast, and details will follow shortly as to the specifics on this year’s madness. I can tell you that I’ll be bringing out at least one or two of the clown ‘turns’ I worked during my stay at the Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance (aka the Clown Farm) last summer. I can ALSO tell you that this evening will feature a one-night-only revival of Strange Visitations’ Fresh Meat hit, FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF DATING (among other goodies).

Admit it, you NEED to see this live.

Admit it, you NEED to see this live.

So get in touch with me asap (and some of you I might be getting in touch with to gauge interest) and get in on the Foofarah Funtimes, and let’s kick Fringe month 2015 off with a bang…or at least, the annoying screech of a rubber chicken.

FRIENDS AT FRINGE: Speaking of Fringe (which you cannot do enough), why not shine a wee Visitorium spotlight on one of the many awesome shows I’ll be lucky enough to share the fest with this year?


My darlin’ little galpal Caitlin is diving headlong into the Fringe this year (with the help of the incredible Hannah Gibson-Fraser behind the scenes) in her one-woman show, CRUSHED, and you can help make it happen for her by checking out her Fund-What-you-Can promotion right here. Then check out her squinky new show website, and get ready for what I expect to be a very smart, sweet and funny show…and Caitlin, consider yourself invited to join us at the Foofarah if you’re into it! 🙂  I can’t wait to see what you guys are cooking up!

And that’s it for this Monday…see you again soon, gang!  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid (and Winston)

Update from the Ape

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Time for a bit of an update from the boards, I suppose…what the Hell, I DO actually pay to maintain this here blog, might as well take it out for a spin every now and again. I have been keeping busy elsewhere, and for once not just taking in theatre. Though I have been fortunate enough to catch kick-ass productions like TAKE ME BACK TO JEFFERSON and THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW in the last little while, and they impressed. Hope y’all made it out while you had the chance!

Ape Final

But speaking of chances, you still have two to catch my main distraction for the last few months, THE HAIRY APE by Eugene O’Neill at the Carleton Tavern. It’s been a wild ride putting up this challenging classic of American Theatre in such a unique and vibrant space as the Carleton, with such a varied and skilled ensemble that local heroes Chamber Theatre Hintonburg have assembled for the task. I’m learning by orders of magnitude with every performance, the kind of things that had not yet been covered in my meagre theatrical training. How do you handle it when you or one of your colleagues misses a line? What do you do if one of your key props is simply not there? What is the etiquette for sharing your green room space with a Darts League? What happens when the hockey crowd on the opposite side of the bar cheers so loud it drowns out our soundscape? How do you handle playing for a small audience…or conversely, the largest one you’ve ever played to?

Donnie Laflamme as Yank in Chamber Theatre's Production of THE HAIRY APE by Eugene O'Neill, 2015.

Donnie Laflamme as Yank in Chamber Theatre’s Production of THE HAIRY APE by Eugene O’Neill, 2015.

md 1

Laura Hall as Mildred.

Long and Yank in unfamiliar territory.

Long and Yank in unfamiliar territory.

Madeleine Hall and Ellen Manchee on Fifth Avenue.

Madeleine Hall and Ellen Manchee on Fifth Avenue.

Donnie Laflamme's Yank takes a turn for the worse.

Donnie Laflamme’s Yank takes a turn for the worse.

It’s been an amazing ride and I can’t believe we only have two shows left (or DO we..?). Our last couple of shows were closing in on sellouts, and we have every intention of finishing strong. The Ape is still hungry for more, so come on out and see what is genuinely one of the most unique pieces of theatre you’re going to catch in Ottawa this year. Donnie Laflamme continues to raise the bar with his powerhouse performance as Yank, practically daring the rest of us to keep up with him. How our director, Lisa Zanyk, managed to keep him and the rest of us on course for all these months is a mystery to me. Thanks to her, my castmates, our glorious crew, the Saikeley family and the Carleton staff, and of course our beloved audience. I am eternally thankful to every familiar face I see coming out to support me in this, as well as the wonderful new faces who have decided to take a chance on live theatre in unique spaces. You’re all the goods. We’ll be back at the Carleton Friday at 6:30 (double-billed that night with the amazing Rocket Rached and the Fat City 8!) and Saturday at 5 (closing night, so PARTY!), so get yer tickets now! We’re gonna pack that joint and rock your collective socks. More to come, and I’ll see you at the Theatre! Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid (and Winston)

Coming Up in April 2015

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More like APE-ril, am I right?  Yes, yes I am.  Here’s why…

apecarletonTHE HAIRY APE at the Carleton Tavern, from Chamber Theatre Hintonburg. From the 2nd to 18th.  It’s finally here!  Eugene O’Neill’s 1922 monster about the forgotten victims of the Industrial revolution bursts to life on the Carleton Tavern Stage in a show you won’t soon forget.  Directed by Lisa Zanyk and starring Donnie Laflame as Yank, with a mighty ensemble cast around him.  See you there!

Louis Lemire and Donnie Laflamme in THE HAIRY APE.

Louis Lemire and Donnie Laflamme in THE HAIRY APE.

TAKE ME BACK TO JEFFERSON at the NAC Theatre. Family drama, with floods. Until the 11th.

GOODBYE PICCADILLY at the Ottawa Little Theatre. More goodness from the OLT gang! Until the 11th.

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW at the Gladstone Theatre, from Vanity Project. Don’t have your ticket yet? Then start your envy, because this hotly anticipated musical is sold out for all seven shows, the 1st to 4th! If you stand outside the theatre, maybe you can hear the Time Warp…

vifVENUS IN FUR at the Gladstone Theatre, from Plosive Productions. Sexy shenanigans with David Whiteley and Chandel Gambles. The 9th to 18th.

PARFUMERIE at the GCTC. The lawyers are at it again, acting and playing and generally being unlawyerlike. Yay! The15Th (preview show) to 18th.

DIRTY DANCING at NAC Southam Hall. Live adaptation of the famous movie about the improper placement of babies, or something. The 14th to 19th.

grimm bros

THE BROTHERS GRIMM SPECTACULATHON at Algonquin College Studio Theatre (Building N), from Algonquin Theatre Arts. The 15th to 19th. And don’t miss FLYING SOLO, the Gonqs’ end of year monologue ceremony, on the 23rd.

udbUNDER DEREK’S BED at Arts Court Theatre, from Dead Unicorn Ink. The first TACTICS series comes to a close with this monster of a tale from Sylvie Recoskie. The 17th to 25th!

YOUPPI CLUB at somewhere, from Ottawa Stilt Union. An event so mysterious I still don’t know where it is! On the 20th.

THE DOUBLE at NAC Studio. A man and his cello. 21st to May 2nd.

ONTARIO SCENE the 29th to May 10th. Too much to list here, but includes Daniel MacIvor and much more at a multiplicity of locales!  Check their website for all the details!


LA SOUPE DE KAFKA at Theatre de L’ile. Until the 11th!

NOUEDS PAPILLON at the NAC Studio. Written and Directed by Marie-Eve Huot. The 11th and 12th.

RICHARD III at the NAC Theatre. Major Franco-Shakespearean production that I really wanna see. The 21st to 25th.


LE REVE TOTALITAIRE DE DIEU L’AMIBE at Studio Leonard-Beaulne, from Theatre Tremplin and Theatre la Catapulte. The 30th to May 9th.


‘BOUT TIME at the Pour House, from Crush Improv. Crush’s legendary 3 on 3 battle improv show temporarily moves digs to this spot while their regular stage undergoes renos. Monday the 6th, Don’t miss out!

GRIMPROV at the Cock’n’Lion, first and last Wednesday of the month.


EFT-UP COMEDY SHOW at Pressed Cafe, from Experimental Farm Theatre. April 9th!

STAKEOUT at the Lunenburg Pub, from Hall of Justice Improv. On the 12th.

SUNDAY NIGHT FANFICTION at the Lunenburg Pub, from Morning Person Theatre. All the Paul Piekoszewski you can handle in one month! On the 19th.

Always more to come…See you at the Theatre.  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid (and Winston)