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Holiday Crush 2014

In Improv on November 27, 2014 at 8:16 am

2014 is running out of days, but it still has plenty of improv left in the tank, thank goodness. Or rather, thank Crush Improv, who are packing December with a pair of killer shows to beat the Holiday blues and generate enough laughs to drown out even the most pervasive Xmas jingle.

The Crush Improv gang in anniversary action.

The Crush Improv gang in anniversary action.

First up on Monday December 1st is the last regular ‘BOUT TIME of the year at the Mother McGintey’s stage in the Byward Market. The teams have been loaded up with Crush fav’rits from the past year….Jillian Budgell, Kevin Mongeon, Ray Besharah, Melanie Karin Brown, Amanda Parker and Leslie Cserepy, taking one another on as Missiletoe and Bethlemayhem! All proceeds from the pay what you can admission are going straight to the Youth Services Bureau, a good goddamn cause indeed. Bracelets in memory of Jamie Hubley and supporting YSB’s Mental Health walk-in clinic will also be on sale. There’s also gonna be some prizes and treats up for grabs, including tickets to this next awesome event…

crush 007

CRUSH IMPROV’S 7th ANNIVERSARY SHOW hits Academic Hall on December 13th, and features the amazing collection of talent that we’ve come to expect from these annual spectacles of capitol city comedy. Aside from Crush stalwarts AL Connors, Des Warmington, Glen Gower, Tim Anderson, Dan Lajoie, Brooke Cameron AND Jordan Moffat, the gang will be joined by special guest stars and former collaborators like the wunnerful Kristine Shadid, Micheal Grajewski, and the fantastic Kirsten Rasmussen even!! This is in addition to the beamed-in guest-appearances from Crush co-founders Cari Leslie and Brad MacNeil, because the night just wouldn’t be complete without’em.

Kiersten Rassmussen and AL Connors from...Crush 5, was it?  Sure it was.

Kiersten Rassmussen and AL Connors from…Crush 5, was it? Sure it was.

Now the anniversary show lands on the 13th, which is my own anniversary as well…I’ll be marking my second 22nd birthday on that day, and Crush has decided to join in the festivities by letting me pass a bargain on to you folks! Head on over to the Crush website and you can pick up an advance ticket to the anniversary show at a 5 dollar discount off the regular 20-buck ticket price by using the discount code: Visitorium. This doesn’t apply to the early-bird rate currently being offered but they’re both the same sweet deal so who cares? Trust me guys, if you love the Crush Anniversary shows, you WANT to be at this one. NEED to. And not just because we’ve been promised a 007-style live musical intro, which will be worth the whole evening by itself.  Maybe even a Twitter Wall (if that’s your thing)!  This one’s got it all folks, and I hope to see y’all there.  And keep supporting Improv and live arts, you dig?  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid (and Winston)


Negative Girl

In Evolution Theatre, Theatre on November 9, 2014 at 8:34 pm

This week I got out to Arts Court to see two premieres, and one long awaited return. And it all happened at the same show. And while Arts Court IS a pretty weird old building, I have as yet discovered no working time/space fractures within its mismatched, uneven hallways.


But I’m still looking, Arts Court. I’M STILL LOOKING!

So what am I yammering about? YOUNG LADY IN WHITE, natcherly, the world premiere play from Dominic Parenteau-Lebeuf, as well as the premiere show in the inaugural season of TACTICS, a new collective series put together by the Counterpoint Players to give smaller companies a better chance to mount larger productions. And the return was of my old pals Evolution Theatre, long a fav’rit of mine in the Ottawa Theatre scene, and a tad quiet since the awesome HROSES a while back (well, there was a baby behind the scenes what needed tending to as well, so there was that…gotta get that new generation of theatre-lovers started, after all). I tend to get pretty excited when they show up with something new, and this show was no exception, especially after seeing a reading of it a few months back. This week it was finally ready to hit the stage.

A story spanning decades and covering an intimidating amount of recent world history into the narrative, the show wonderfully centers around the image of a young girl…literally the undeveloped photonegative of a German teen dressed in a white nightgown (played in an unmissable performance by Catriona Leger), snapped by a photographer in the early 1930’s. For reasons that would remain hidden for quite some time, the photographer never turns thee girl into a real picture, leaving her a shadowy version of her former self, hanging on a line in his darkroom. She, the negative girl in the image, waits patiently to be developed, snarling at the images of the photographers sexy sweetheart that get developed by the hundred while she gets left by the wayside. Soon, however, the photographer and his galpal up and abandon the studio (Germany being somewhat inhospitable around that time), leaving the young lady in white to her thoughts, and the sole companionship of a hastily drawn cat named Chada (voiced by Zach Counsil). Over the following decades, the young lady and Chada bear witness to history from their castle-like refuge, watching the rise and fall of the Third Reich, dance fever in America, the Berlin Wall, the Munch Olympics, 9-11 and more. All the while the young lady desperately waits for her photographer to return and develop her…or explain why the Hell he never did in the first place.


Though visited by various intruders across time (all played by the always wonderful John Doucet), the young lady is mostly left to her lonely reflections and observations, contrasted with the wildly swings of world history spinning outside her walls. At the heart of it all is Catriona Leger, mostly alone on stage (an impressive multi-level achievement from Patrice Ann Forbes) with damn near two hours of dialogue to deliver single-handed, and she does it with an energy that will leave most of us ashamed for how lazy we are. Her young lady is endearing, powerful and unique, and one of the most impressive character performances you’re liable to see around these parts for a good long while. The gorgeous but startling makeup effects from Vanessa Imeson are a bit jarring at first…or at least, I was taken a bit aback, because they really are something else…but after ten minutes I hardly even noticed anymore.  And how could I not recommend a piece of theatre that has an honest-to-gosh animated cat as one of its principal characters? Shoutouts to Adam Pockaj, Steven Lafond, Pierre Ducharme and Andrew Alexander for the considerable multimedia work one into this show, and director Chris Bedford for somehow bringing it all together, in captivating fashion And one more time for Catriona, who brings everything she’s got to the stage, and it shows. You can catch this show at Arts Court Theatre until the 15th, and you really probably should. And TACTICS continues in the New year with Lisa Jeans’ LIGHT, so put that one on your to-do list as well. Because this series is off to a damn fine start. Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid (and Winston)

Coming Up in November 2014

In Theatre on November 1, 2014 at 5:34 pm

November!! It’s more than just terrible moustaches.

FISH EYES and BOYS WITH CARS at the GCTC, from Nightswimming. Fishy car double-billed fun to start the month off right! Until the 2nd.

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST at the National Arts Centre Theatre. The Wilde party continues until the 8th, courtesy of the NAC English Theatre ensemble.

The Hunchinson Family Players (tm).

The Hunchinson Family Players ™.

THE HUNCHBACKS OF NOTRE DAME at the Gladstone, from Under the Table and Black Sheep Theatre. November 1st is your last chance to catch the Hunchinson family in this fantastic Hugo-inspired comedy!

JACK STRAW at the Elmwood Theatre, from Linden House. Finishing up on the 1st and 2nd, some period hijinks from the Linden House gang.

THE SHAPE OF A GIRL at the Avalon Studio, from Cart Before the Horse. Hard hitting youth drama, featuring the unstoppable Megan Carty. Until the 2nd.

THE MOUSETRAP at the Ottawa Little Theatre. Last chance for Agatha Christie mystery goodness, until the 8th.


WHERE POPPIES BLOW at the GCTC, from Salamander Theatre. Two performances of this Moscovitch goodness on the 2nd at the GCTC, plus a few others listed above and on the website at various locations!

DOCTOR JEKYLL AND MISTER HYDE at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, from Kanata Theatre.  Classic Victoriana in Kanata!  From the 4th to 15th.

THE DIXIE SWIM CLUB at the Gladstone Theatre, from Phoenix Players. Co-stars the legend Bobby Roberts…what else do you need to hear?? From the 6th through 15th.


YOUNG LADY IN WHITE at Arts Court Theatre, from Evolution Theatre. Evolution is back, with the lead show in the awesome new TACTICS series season! Catch this one from the 7th through 15th.

BILLY BISHOP GOES TO WAR at the Avalon Studio, from Plosive Productions and the Acting Company. Chris Ralph re-enlists for another go at this Canuck musical classic. From the 7th to 23rd.

DO YOU WANT WHAT I HAVE GOT? A CRAIGSLIST CANTATA at the NAC Studio. I don’t exactly know what Craigslist is, but I’ll bet these people will let me know, via song. From the 12th to 22nd.

ex short play 2014

THE EXTREMELY SHORT NEW PLAY FESTIVAL at Arts Court Theatre, from New Theatre Ottawa. Short plays your thing? Here’s where to find’em! The 19th to 30th.

glass menagerie

THE GLASS MENAGERIE at the Gladstone Theatre, from Bear and Co. That Tennessee whatsisname hits the Gladstone stage, along with a cool cast. The 20th to December 6th.

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF at Centrepointe Theatre, from Orpheus Musical Society. Fiddles, rooves….this one has it all!! The 21st to 30th.

THE RAILWAY CHILDREN at the Ottawa Little Theatre. Travellin’ children for the holidays! The 25th to December 13th,


THE TEMPEST in room 2017 Dunton Tower (Carleton U. campus), from Sock’n’Buskin.  A change of pace and venue to kick of SNB’s new season!  The 28th to 30th, plus December 5th and 6th!

AND TO ALL A GOOD KNIFE at the Velvet Room, from Eddie May Murder mysteries.  A bloody Xmas show with a killer cast to start the season right.  Starts Saturday the 15th, then every Friday and Saturday this month.
          – Theatre Francais

HUIT FEMMES at Theatre de L’Ile. The 5th through December 6th.

EAUX at the NAC Studio. For young and old audiences. The 1st and 2nd

DEUX at the NAC Studio. Join Mani and Manu for a intimate piece of theatre indeed. The 5th to 8th.

VIOL at Academic Hall, for Comedie des Deux Rives.  Ottawa U French Theatre takes on Titus Andronicus!  The 18th to 22nd.

KISS AND CRY at the NAC Theatre. A movie in miniature filmed and projected before your eyes, the 26th to 29th.

          – Improv and Others

‘BOUT TIME on Monday the 3rd from Crush Improv, more 3 on 3 improv battle goodness! And lots more Crush this month, as they’ll be at Maxwell’s on the 14th with special guests Dave Morris and Missie Peters from Paper Street Theatre, and on the 22nd at Patty Boland’s with former Crush member Jodan Moffat!  Plus, Dave Morris will be hosting an improv workshop on the 15th (11 -2)  at the Routhier Community Centre.

APROVALYPSE from Hall of Justice Improv at the Lunenburg, on the 9th.

HOW TO START (literally), an improv workshop from Dani and Chris of Experimental Farm Theatre. On the 12th at the Dalhousie community centre! And the next EFT-up comedy show is on the 20th at the Pressed Cafe!


UOttawa’s Improv gang, MI-6 is having their first public show of the year on the 25th at the Lnenburg pub!

Plus, I’m assuming, the regular first and last wednesday improv slots for GRIMPROV at the Cock and Lion (join them on the 5th for THE LEAP!), plus the last Tuesday show from CRYSTAL BASEMENT at the Atomic Rooster.

And new addition, the Acting Company will be hosting a showcase performance of their advanced improv class on the 10th at 8pm, at the Avalon Studio!

wolf pelt

WOLF PELT FUNDRAISER on the 5th, at Arts Court Courtroom. Join Cory Thibert and his moviemaking pals at Wolf Pelt as they screen multiple supercool short films for your amusement (and hopefully donations)

Undercurrents LOGO NEW 300dpi-01

UNDERCURRENTS LAUNCH PARTY on the 12th at Arts Court. Now that the little festival that makes February fun has made thee move to Fringe territory, let’s see what Pat Gauthier has in store for us this time around!

More to come…I know I’m missing a few French shows at least, if not much more…stay tuned, and get on out there!!  Peace, love and soul,

Kevin Reid (and Winston)